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Newborn Health Scale Up Framework for Zambia

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1 Newborn Health Scale Up Framework for Zambia
Dr. Penelope Kalesha Child Health Specialist Ministry of Com. Dev. Mother and Child Health

2 Births and Deaths and inequity
. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Mary Kaoma from Zambia. I am the Community and EPI Specialist at the Health Services and Systems Program. It is both a privilege and pleasure to represent my country at this august gathering. I am pleased to present this paper as entitled above.

3 Ra Trends of under five and infant mortality rates in Zambia
NNR Child Health Overview 4/15/2017

4 The Information Problem
? Source WHO The majority of with the minority deaths… of information

5 Goal and Objectives of Scale Up
Goal: To accelerate the reduction of neonatal morbidity and mortality The scale up of newborn health care will focus on 3 strategic objectives that will guide programming and selection of interventions 

6 Rationale for Scale Up Two thirds of newborn deaths could be prevented with a higher coverage of essential maternal newborn and child health (MNCH) service packages that are already articulated within policies and plans. The strengthening of some specific newborn healthcare aspects could save a large number of newborn lives every day. Critical time periods: Pre-pregnancy , Pregnancy, Labour, delivery and the first 1-2 hours of life, Early neonatal period (week 1), Late neonatal period (weeks 2-4)

7 Newborn Health Scale up Framework
Strategic Objective 1: To strengthen capacity to improve newborn health care at all levels of the health care delivery system 1.1 Strengthen capacity to increase and improve essential newborn care 1.2 Strengthen national, provincial, district and community level planning, management and supervision 1.3 Strengthen Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategic Objective 2: To increase the availability, access and utilization of quality newborn health care services 2.1 Improve health care facilities and service delivery sites 2.2 Improve provision and access to quality newborn health care and services 2.3 Strengthen referral and outreach systems 2.4 Strengthen advocacy towards increased commitment, resources and integrated newborn health policy and programming 2.5 Foster and Strengthen Partnerships Strategic Objective 3: To empower communities to improve community maternal and newborn health care practices, and support the continuum of care 3.1: Influence behaviour change towards healthy newborn care practices and strengthen community involvement and support 3.2: Strengthen community involvement and support for the continuum of care 3.3: Establish and strengthen Home Based Newborn Care (HBNC) 3.4: Establish and strengthen community IMCI strategy 3.5: Strengthen multisectoral community response to newborn health

8 Most important interventions?
World Health Organization 15 April 2017 Most important interventions? PREVENTIVE (Skilled care at birth) Labour, birth and 1-2 hours after birth Monitoring progress of labour, maternal and foetal well-being with partograph Social support (companion) during birth Immediate newborn care (resuscitation if required, thermal care, hygienic cord care, early initiation of breastfeeding) Emergency obstetric and newborn care for complications Antibiotics for preterm premature rupture of membranes Antenatal corticosteroids for preterm labour Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV+ TREATMENT (Postnatal care for all newborns) Newborn period (after the first 1-2 hours after birth up to 1 month) Exclusive breastfeeding Thermal care Hygienic cord care Prompt care-seeking for illness Extra care of low-birth-weight (LBW) infants Immunization Management of newborn illness Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV+ Read the text on the slide Adapted by WHO/CAH from the Lancet Neonatal Survival series, Lancet Child Survival series

9 Prioritization/ Selection of Strategies/Interventions
Opportunities for Scale-Up Policy and Planning National Pre-service and In-service Training Promising National Interventions and Pilot Programs Community and Facility Based Strategies Key opportunities in policy and programmes to save newborn lives Prioritization and Selection of Strategies/Interventions Prioritization/ Selection of Strategies/Interventions Situation analysis Prioritizing and choosing interventions Intervention delivery Monitoring and evaluation

10 the lowest coverage of care
The hours and days of highest risk have the lowest coverage of care Progress to Child Health


12 We can work together to make a big difference for mothers, newborns and the future?
Thank you!

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