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1 Performance Factors
What is a performance factor, what is a competency? They are the same thing. They provide a framework to describe the behaviors people will need to display to drive effective performance. What about technical expertise? Performance is driven by the generic competencies reflected in the performance factors but also by technical expertise and understanding of’s environment. The performance factors look at the generic competencies required to be effective and do not look at technical skills and knowledge. These are equally important and will be dealt with in different frameworks.

2 Performance Factors
There are 4 performance factors listed: The first 3 are the core of effectiveness: they are the three basic key deliverables that impact business performance Maximizing team’s performance Delivering results Managing a dynamic environment Surrounding it all is how effective we are at communicating Communicating for impact These are applicable to everybody in the Company, in all levels of the organisation, including managerial and non-managerial roles. They are complementary to the Functional Competency Models when/where existing.

Definition: Recognizes that success comes through others. Key Components: Is passionate about people Values diversity and teamwork Is open, trusting and trustworthy Attracts and retains the right people Is performance oriented and sets clear objectives Gives regular and constructive feedback Develops, coaches, motivates and inspires people.

4 DELIVERING RESULTS Definition: Effectively delivers personal objectives and achieves’s short-term and long-term goals. Key Components: Understands’s goals and KPIs Is passionate about results Sets and prioritizes measurable objectives Makes an effective business case Is cost-conscious without reducing profitability Is reliable, delivers, wants to win Manages commercial relationships.

Definition: Is positive around change, complexity and ambiguity and inspires to meet its current and future challenges. Key Components: Is positive about change Deals positively with ambiguity and complexity Sees things from different angles Analyses, prioritizes and takes timely action Innovates and solves problems Manages stakeholders and risks.

Definition: Understands and is understood by others. Impacts results, people and customers. Key Components: Listens and understands Is open and shares information Communicates with enthusiasm, clarity and simplicity Inspires and persuades Adapts style to different situations and cultures.

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