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Accounting for Absentee’s Clothing

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1 Accounting for Absentee’s Clothing
SSG Lane, T.J. 71st Ordnance Company References: DA Pam Unit supply system AR Issue and sale of Personal Clothing CTA , Clothing and Individual Equipment

2 Account for Absentee’s Clothing, Equipment, and Personal Effects
Task Account for Absentee’s Clothing, Equipment, and Personal Effects

3 Conditions You are assign to the unit as a Unit Supply Specialist / Supply Sergeant. Your duties and responsibilities include accounting for absentee’s soldiers clothing and equipment. You have receive notification that an individual is missing from your company. What do you do? You will prepare inventory documents and assist the individual conducting the inventory to insure correctness and completeness of the inventory and disposition of clothing.

4 Standards Inventory, verify, and secure absentee's clothing, equipment , and personal clothing without losing supply accountability.

5 General Upon notification that an individual is missing from the unit, the unit commander has the responsibility of ensuring the SM clothing and equipment is inventoried and safeguarded. What are some of the reasons you will have to conduct an inventory?

6 What are some of the reasons a SM can be absent?
Absent Without Leave (AWOL) Dropped from rolls (DFR) Reassigned for compassionate reasons while overseas Confined Hospitalized On Emergency leave Dead or Missing

7 Inventory The abandon property of the soldier absent from the unit will be inventoried without delay! These procedures only apply if an enlisted soldier resides in the barracks.

8 Inventory Cont. The Unit commander can delegate the following persons to perform the inventories Commissioned officer Warrant Officer Supply personnel Noncommissioned Officers (E-5 through E-9)

9 DA Form 3078. Prepare a DA Form 3078, in original and 3 copies. Record on this form the items and quantities of personnel clothing issued The person conducting the inventory will enter the words “Inventoried by” in the REMARKS block of the DA Form 3078 The witness, and the CDR or designated representative will verify and initial this form. *Refer to the sample handout. AR Chap 12 Excess of personal military clothing will not be recorded on the form Could anyone tell me where those items will go?

10 DA Form 3078 Cont. Place the original copy of the inventory in the members duffel bag or suitable container Place the other 3 copies in the unit suspense file pending further investigation

11 Inventory cont. NOTE  The Inventory Officer will make sure the clothing is not exchanged for any other clothing of any other enlisted soldier.

12 Personal Effects. Personal civilian and property clothing will be inventoried on plain bond paper in four copies, identified with the soldiers name rank or grade, and social security number (SSN). High dollar value items will be recorded by make model , serial, color, ect., and a notation will be made as to the condition of each item

13 Personal Effects cont. All copies will be signed by the individual conducting the inventoried and the witness. The unit CDR will initial all copies. The same will be done with the copies as with the DA Form 3078

14 OCIE OCIE (TA-50) will follow the same procedures with the exception of the form being used Prepare two copies of DA Form 3645/3645-1 Enter the words “inventoried according to DA PAM ” in the NAME block of these forms

15 OCIE cont. Record the items and quantities of OCIE on the forms
Sign and date the form in the signature & date block Put the original copy with the soldiers TA-50. File the copy in the unit absentee files. DA Pam Chap 10, para 10-18

16 Currency Currency found during the inventory will be turned in to the local Finance Accounting Office (FAO) with a prepared cash collection voucher (DD Form 1131)

17 Hospitalized Personnel
When a SM is hospitalized at a medical treatment facility at his duty installation, The following actions are taken: The facility commander advises the unit CDR within 24 hours The unit CDR, without delay, has personal effects immediately secured If the SM does not return within 120 hours, the clothing and personal effects will be inventoried as outlined

18 Transferred to an Off Post Hospital
When a SM is transferred to an off post hospital, personal clothing accompanies the individual, or the unit commander must ensure that the SM’s clothing is taken directly to the medical facility. The service member must acknowledge receipt of the property by signing the request for issue (DA Form 3161) or the unit retain copy DA Form 3078. AR Chap 12, para 12-14

19 NOTE If the soldiers physical condition prevents him from or her from signing the medical officer designates an officer to acknowledge receipt on behalf of the enlisted soldier. The officer makes certain it accompanies the SM

20 Transferred to a Holding medical Facility
The unit commander will prepare a statement on letter sized paper outlined in figure 12-4 in AR The unit CDR signs the statement. The statement is attached to the true copy of DA Form 3078 The copy is then forwarded the medical holding detachment

21 Emergency Leave The SM is responsible for the safekeeping of his clothing and equipment not accompanying him The unit commander will provide necessary storage for the SM use during authorized leave If the SM is transferred while on emergency leave, unit CDR, after receiving notification, must have the clothing and personal effects shipped at the governments expense. (excludes OCIE items)

22 Alterations Facilities
Articles of personnel left by soldiers in Government repair shops (AAFES) for alteration or repaired are considered abandoned after 120 days. Items are dropped from laundry accountability. If you go to Wolfgang alteration shop look to the right you will see the items or giving out

23 Deceased Personnel Authority for obtaining Class A uniform and component items for burial of eligible deceased military personnel is found in AR The Mortuary Affairs Coordinator will- Take a serviceable uniform from the personnel effects or one will be issued from Military Clothing & sales

24 Deceased Personnel cont.
b. Prepare a DA form 3078 according to para 5-2, AR , showing the items of military clothing required. The MO may approve DA form 3078 pertaining to the deceased. Request insignia and awards through normal supply channels. Refer to chapter 13 in AR for alterations at government expense

25 Summary Reasons to conduct Inventory Inventory DA Form 3078
Personal Clothing & Effects OCIE items Currency Hospitalized Personnel

26 Summary cont. Hospitalized personnel transferred Off Post
Transferred to a Holding Medical Facility Emergency Leave Unclaimed Laundries Deceased Personnel

27 Questions

28 Examination

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