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Lesson 1.6 Classify Polygons. Objective Classify Polygons.

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1 Lesson 1.6 Classify Polygons

2 Objective Classify Polygons

3 Standard 12.0 – Students find and use measures of sides and of interior and exterior angles of triangles and polygons to classify figures and solve problems.

4 Academic Language Polygon Convex Concave n-gon Equilateral Equiangular regular

5 Polygon A figure formed by 3 or more line segments called sides and can only intersect at most one other side. – Each endpoint of a side of a polygon is a vertex – Polygons can be named by listing vertices in consecutive order

6 Convex Polygon A polygon where no side contains an interior point of the polygon A polygon that is not convex is called non- convex polygon or ……. Concave polygon

7 Examples

8 Exampls

9 Classify Polygons Named by the number of sides

10 n-gon General polygon Can be used to name any polygon Example 14 sides 14-gon

11 Equilateral Polygon All sides are congruent

12 Equiangular Polygon All angles in the interior of the polygons are congruent

13 Regular Polygon Convex polygon that is both equiangular and equilateral

14 Example

15 The real world

16 Homework p.44 #1, 3, 7, 11, 17, 23, 38

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