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What does it all mean? 7 Billion and Beyond.

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1 What does it all mean? 7 Billion and Beyond

2 Population Pyramids

3 Population Pyramids The Basics:
Notice the following points about pyramids: Normally males are on the left and females are on the right. Age categories are in 5 year intervals labeled up the center. The horizontal axis is measured in numbers appropriate for the country.

4 Reading Population Pyramids
Shape of sides Concave sides indicate a high death rate and convex sides indicate a low death rate.  This population pyramid exhibits concave sides indicating a high death rate. Width of the base Birth rate varies with the width of the base.  A wide base indicates a high birth rate and a narrow base indicates a low birth rate. Bumps in the sides or Symmetry Statistically speaking pyramids should be relatively symmetrical.  Any asymmetry indicates a difference in the male and female population Irregularities in the sides indicate a demographic anomaly.  The age group in this population pyramid represents the baby boom.  This bump will travel upward as the baby boomers age.

5 3 Patterns of Change

6 I. Types of Population Pyramids
Negative Growth Slow Growth Rapid Growth

7 A. Rapid growth Pyramids
Rapid Growth population pyramids have this triangular/pyramid shape.  The wide base of this population pyramid indicates a  high birth rate & the narrow top indicates a high death rate. Generally speaking an expanding population is characteristic of a lower standard of living: high birth rate due to poor access to birth control, lack of education etc.; high death rate due to poor medical care & nutrition.

8 B. Slow growth Pyramids Generally speaking stable populations are characteristic of a high standard of living due to: Low birth rate due to good family planning, access to birth control, financial planning, education, etc.; Low death rate due to good medical care, nutrition, education etc.

9 C. Negative Growth pyramids
Negative Growth population pyramids have a narrower base than the reproductive age population.  This indicates a  decreasing population trend.  The low birth rate is indicative of a well developed country.

10 World Economic Development Levels
7 – 10 4 - 6 1 - 3

11 Development Level: 1 – 3 Generalizations: High death rate
Low standard of living Poor Health care Low Literacy Rates – Below 50% Low Per Capita Incomes - $0 – 5,000 High birth rate

12 Development Level: 4 - 6 Generalizations: Medium to Low Death Rate
Improving standard of living Improving Health care Literacy Rates in the 70% to 80% Per Capita Incomes rising $10,000 - $40,000 Birth rate Declining

13 Development Level 7 - 10 Generalizations: Low Death Rate
High standard of living Very good Health care Literacy Rates in the 90’s Per Capita Incomes $30,000 – and above Low Birth rate

14 Dependent Populations
Productive Population

15 Average Monthly Temperature
Average Monthly Precipitation

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