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Legal Assistance for Human Trafficking Victims Kirsten Kreymann, Esq. Pro Bono Director.

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1 Legal Assistance for Human Trafficking Victims Kirsten Kreymann, Esq. Pro Bono Director

2 Mission Statement The Public Law Center, Orange County’s pro bono law firm, is committed to providing access to justice for low-income residents. Through volunteers and staff, the Public Law Center provides free civil legal services, including counseling, individual representation, community education, and strategic litigation and advocacy to challenge societal injustices.

3 PLC Facts PLC in 30 th year Pro Bono Model - In 2010, nearly 1200 volunteers and 25 staff provided services to over 18,600 people Free civil legal services No criminal cases Represent victims with LEAs Heavy interaction with victim advocates

4 Types of Trafficking International – Foreign national victims Domestic – Occurring w/in U.S. Adult – 18 years or older Minor - 17 years or younger Labor Commercial Sexual Exploitation


6 Opening Prayer Pastor Mike Kenyon Rock Harbor Church 6 Not Required for Minors


8 Three Elements of Trafficking Recruiting OR Harboring OR Moving OR Obtaining a person, 1PROCESS by Force OR Fraud OR Coercion 2MEANS* For the purposes of Involuntary Servitude OR Debt Bondage OR Slavery OR Sex Trade 3END © Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), 2006. All Rights Reserved. * No means required when under 18 victim.

9 Victims Are Trafficked For Labor Servile marriage Domestic help Working in drop houses Agricultural Restaurant Many more Sexual Exploitation

10 Smuggling vs. Trafficking Smuggling  Crime against nation  Must cross int’l border  Person free to leave after border passage  A person consents to being smuggled  No labor or sexual exploitation required Trafficking  Crime against a person  No movement required  Person NOT free to leave after border passage  A person is trafficked through force, fraud, coercion  Involves labor or sexual exploitation

11 Examples

12 An Under-Identified Crime Some rough estimates of the scope of the problem: In the U.S. 14,500-17,500 men, women and children trafficked annually 2 million people trafficked worldwide annually 27 million people in slavery around the world 9 billion dollar business PLC has provided services to approx 90 victims in 6 years  1600+ certified victims through 2010 Portions of slide courtesy of Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)

13 Why Provide Civil Legal Assistance? Victims able to become survivors quicker Help prevent re-victimization of client Stable victims make better witnesses Strengthen community policing Incentive for victim cooperation Means of victim identification Victim gains trust in the legal system

14 Legal Needs of Trafficking Victims Representation with Law Enforcement Immigration Relief Marriage Dissolution Custody of Children Restitution

15 Immigration Legal Needs Special Benefit Parole Continued Presence T visa U visa VAWA SIJS

16 Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force Founded in 2004 Purpose  Identify Victims – Community Education  Protect Victims – Collaborative Model  Prosecute Offenders Members  Core Members – Westminster and Anaheim PD, CSP, Salvation Army, PLC, FBI, ICE, US Attorney, DA  General Members – Include college students, faith based organizations, professional organizations, medical providers, shelters.

17 Call the National Hotline First 1.888.3737.888 CSP, Director of Human Trafficking Program 714.548.3856 Referrals

18 Contact Information Kirsten Kreymann, Esq. Pro Bono Director Public Law Center 714.541.1010, extension 283

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