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Manifestation Determination Walk Through

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1 Manifestation Determination Walk Through
SPECIAL EDUCATION Manifestation Determination Walk Through Presentation by Tricia Hughes and Lori Olson

2 What is a Manifestation Determination?
A manifestation determination meeting allows the student’s team to discuss the incident that has occurred and to review the student’s IEP, ESR and any other relevant information shared by school staff, the parents and/or the student. The team then answers two questions to determine if the conduct or incident is a manifestation of the student’s disability.

3 Manifestation Meetings
When are we required to hold one? Refer to FAQ #9 FAQ 9 Lori ----- Meeting Notes (8/13/13 13:43) ----- Created in response to concerns about SPED workload Initiated last school year

4 Now that we are here, who does what??
When scheduling the manifestation meeting, the following people should be invited: Parent Student (when appropriate) Case Manager Administrator with knowledge of incident General Education rep with knowledge of the student Special Education Department Lead Special Education Supervisor (when appropriate) District Administrator responsible for discipline (when appropriate) Behavior Intervention and Autism Resource Specialists (when appropriate)

5 Now that we are here, who does what cont??
Role of Case Manager: The case manager should be the person in the room who knows the IEP better than anyone else. The case manager should be the advocate for the student and be very clear in what their strengths and challenges are. The case manager should not be the one in the meeting discussing further consequences, # of days a student should be out of school, etc. It would be appropriate to ask these questions but ask before the meeting. The case manager should not be telling the family and student what they think might happen (# of days, movement to another building, etc.) This can be very confusing for families.

6 Now that we are here, who does what cont??
Role of Assistant Principal The assistant principal will have knowledge of the incident that occurred. The assistant principal has the responsibility of explaining that situation in the meeting. If the students assistant principal is not the one who dealt with the situation, they will need to determine if they are comfortable discussing it OR if they would like the administrator who dealt with it join the meeting. The assistant principal is also encouraged to share any other relevant information pertaining to the student.

7 As Case Manager…what should I bring?
Sign-in Sheet and Notice of the Team Meeting (if not provided to the family prior) Student’s most recent IEP, ESR, BIP, discipline reports, and current progress. Manifestation Determination form The summary of incident could be filled in prior however the questions should not be answered before the team has discussion. Any other information that you feel may be relevant.

8 As Case Manager…what should I be prepared to discuss?
Prior to the meeting, make sure you have talked with the administrator and are fully aware of what has happened. (You will not be responsible for sharing it at the meeting) Begin the meeting with introductions and an explanation of what a manifestation determination meeting is. After reviewing all the relevant documents/information, be prepared to have conversation around: The area(s) the student qualifies for sped in If there has been history of same or similar behaviors. Are there goals, objectives and/or accommodations that relate to the behavior/incident. What services the student is currently receiving Share all relevant information, not the entire IEP After all information has been presented, be prepared to facilitate moving the team forward in answering both questions.

9 Is there a benefit to have a pre-meeting?
We would strongly encourage your teams to have a brief pre-meeting (whether it be the day before or 15 minutes before the meeting) whenever possible. This allows for all school staff to be on the same page and ask any questions they may have. If there is ever a time in which you believe there may be disagreement amongst school staff, you must have a pre-meeting to discuss with your lead, administrator and sped supervisor

10 When should I invite the following:
Special Education Supervisor: Whenever a student is being referred for expulsion. When requested by administration and/or the parent District Administrator responsible for discipline: Anytime there may be a possibility of transferring the student to another building. Representative from 45 day program at Compass If unsure, consult with your sped supervisor or dept lead

11 What is a 45 day placement? 45 day placement:
Pursuant to law, the district has the right to impose a 45 day unilateral placement when a student commits an expellable offense that is also deemed a manifestation of the student’s disability. Possession of a weapon (by federal definition) Possession/distribution of a controlled substance Serious bodily harm

12 What is an Administrative Transfer?
There are times that although the student did not commit what can be classified as an expellable offense, everyone believes it is not in the students best interest for them to return to their home building. When there is this belief, the building administrator will contact the district administrator responsible for discipline to explore the possibility. S/he is the one who makes the determination about transferring and to what school the student would be transferred. If we transfer them to another building, we provide the transportation.

13 When a decision is made for the student to leave the building…
Who completes the transportation form in DPRS? If the student is being placed in the 45 day program, the case manager completes the request. If the student is being administratively transferred, the administrator responsible for discipline completes the request. Who is responsible for curriculum if they attend the 45 day alternative placement? That depends on the age and abilities of the student. If the student requires curriculum that is not offered in the courses at Compass, the building would be responsible for supplying that. Who is responsible for completing the significant change to the IEP? The current case manager is responsible for completing any required paperwork. Who is responsible for case management while they are out of the building? Case management responsibilities transfer to the new site while the student is there.

14 Role Play Activity Get into groups of 4/5 and choose either the MS or HS example. Designate someone as the building administrator, case-manager, parent/student, and recorder. Each person will walk through their role and ask questions as needed.

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