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Analysis of SHORTENED Parental Questionnaire – July 2014 Mr Ian Bartle - Headteacher.

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1 Analysis of SHORTENED Parental Questionnaire – July 2014 Mr Ian Bartle - Headteacher

2 Analysis of Responses Whole School Response – 14 out of 75 families = 18.7% (1 return = 5.9%) Parents / carers might also have completed the dedicated ‘Reception Parental Questionnaire’ in May & the official ‘Parental Questionnaire’ (Parent View) during Ofsted 30 th April & 1 st May 2014 (This included a 1 to 1 interview with the lead inspector). Parents also had the opportunity to attend the Summer Term’s ‘Parental Forum’

3 Whole School Issues – From Total Responses Whole School Key Points – from comments made on forms & data – POSITIVE The OVERALL picture is STILL VERY POSITIVE The format was shortened considerable with no ‘tick boxes’ due to our official Ofsted Inspection (April / May 2014) Parents / carers had the opportunity to identify the ‘good features of the school’ & ‘the improvements they would like to see within our school’

4 Whole School Improvement Suggestions From Total Responses – Part 1 Improved Facilities (2 responses) – New Hall for sport & after-school child care Communication (3 responses) – Not just academic, but also sport, drama & other areas homework, how to help their children progress, less acronyms in correspondence Specific revision ideas for areas at home dates & forthcoming events – more forward notice Double-check & proof read web-site & parental communication for mistakes School Uniform (1 response)- Maroon t-shirts for everyday to help with washing / dirt Lunchtimes (1 response) – Table leader to support table manners Sport & Extra-curricular (5 responses) – More sport for KS1 (lunchtimes / clubs) French for Reception (1 response) More music & drama opportunities (1 response) Less paperwork for extra-curricular sport (inter-school). One form to sign at the beginning of the term for all games (eco-friendly)

5 Comments – Positive Feedback – Part 1 Staff - Committed & dedicated staff x 4 Leadership & approachability Visible, accessible & hands on staff Variety of teaching styles, personalities & teachers & TA’s Speed at which the staff respond to concerns Enthusiastic staff who encourage children and always have time to listen to parents All staff know the children Discipline is good and effective School is constantly looking to improve Excellent Ofsted result Quality of teaching is excellent, including number of experience TA’s – those that need extra attention are catered for Extra time put in by staff for extra-curricular clubs – help children’s learning immensely Emphasis on good manners and behaviour as well as education Staff very approachable & caring x 2 Both Breakfast Club & kitchen staff mentioned for their kindness

6 Comments – Positive Feedback – Part 2 Academic – High expectations of children’s progress, attitude & behaviour Quick Maths has been really good in promoting speed, competition & fun in maths Great support & encouragement to learn & know they can do their best in all areas Like the mixed classes (work with the year above) Communication – Variety of communication to suit all types x 2 Induction for Reception & start of school (likes the 3 full days – gradual) Good communication with parents & problems dealt with quickly Communication between staff & parents, regular newsletters to keep parents updated on current curriculum Useful web-site & notice-board outside of school Extra-curricular & Hot Meals – School Meals are great! X 4 (including wonderful kitchen staff!) Parent Assemblies x 2 For a small school the sports programme is very good Breakfast Club & links with Lower Covey for working parents x 2 Good opportunities outside of the curriculum Variety of extra-curricular clubs is fantastic

7 Comments – Positive Feedback – Part 3 Atmosphere - ‘The school has a buzz’ Lots going on activities, events & opportunities to offer x 2 Happy children Family atmosphere x 4 Children are well mannered & polite Children are motivated by what the school has to offer ‘We are thrilled with the school and feel very lucky that our girls have the opportunity to be educated here’ Peer relationships & support Huge variety of learning outside of usual classroom / events / special days / outside visitors & experts ‘My daughter thinks everything is good’ ‘We love Thornford and the friendliness + kindness’ Lovely community feel x 2 The older pupils are encouraged to look after the younger ones x 2 Praise & reward systems including Parent’s Assembly x 2 Constant promotion of all staff of the importance of respect, decency & kindness to others The ‘can do’ attitude of the school is infectious & secures a real sense of community Safe environment x 2

8 Comments – Positive Feedback – Part 3 Other – The school knows our children and are very good at embracing their individuality Great outdoor play areas x 2 Fantastic transition from playschool to school – children already at ease with setting & staff Lots of opportunities to be active, be outside, clubs, village walks, trips Dealt with medical situation very well

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