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Take the Cyber Bullying Quiz Source:

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1 Take the Cyber Bullying Quiz Source:

2 What is “Cyber Bullying?” According to the Cyber Bullying Research Center, cyber bullying is defined as: “willful and repeated harm inflicted through computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.”

3 In a survey of over 4,000 teens, 20% reported having either experienced cyber bullying or participated in cyber bullying. True False

4 A school is protected from legal liability and not required to intervene in cyber bullying incidents that occur away from campus. True False

5 Most victims of cyber bullying tell an adult (parent or teacher) about their experience. True False

6 When bullying online, girls are more likely to spread rumors and boys are more likely to post hurtful photos or videos. True False

7 Cyber bullying does not result in physical harm to victims because it occurs completely online. True False

8 Cyber bullying is just a problem in the United States. True False

9 Victims of “catfishing,” the practice of luring someone into a false online relationship, are not victims of cyber bullying. True False

10 Research shows that 90% of those bullying online are also school bullies. True False

11 School policies that ban the use of cell phones and other devices in school decrease the frequency of cyber bullying both in and out of school. True False

12 Boys are more likely to be victims of cyber bullying than girls. True False

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