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Cultural Conformity and Adaptation.  1. Temperance – “eat not to Dullness, drink not to elevation”  2. Silence -“speak not but what may benefit others”

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1 Cultural Conformity and Adaptation

2  1. Temperance – “eat not to Dullness, drink not to elevation”  2. Silence -“speak not but what may benefit others”  3. Order – “Let all your things have there place”  4.Resolution – “resolve to perform what you ought, and perform without fail what you resolve”

3  5. Frugality – “make no expense but to do good to others or yourself”  6. Industry – “Lose no time, cut off all unnecessary action”  7. Sincerity – “Use no hurtful deceit”  8. Justice – “Wrong none by doing injuries”  9. Moderation – “Avoid extremes”  10. Cleanliness – “Tolerate no un-cleanliness”

4  11. Tranquility – “Be not disturbed by trifles or at accidents”  12. Chastity – rarely use “sex” but for health or offspring  13. Humility – “Imitate Jesus and Socrates”

5 Americans have a very diverse culture, but there are several values that all groups seem to embrace.

6  Personal Achievement comes in many forms, but has its roots in competition. We rate ourselves and others by their achievements.

7  Individual Effort is the key to personal achievement. People that fail…it is their own fault.

8  Americans value work, work is associated with Discipline, Dedication and a positive attitude.

9  America was founded by religious outcasts. The idea of helping others is deeply ingrained in American culture

10  Americans believe every problem has a solution. Americans judge people on their ability to get things done.

11  Most Americans place a high value on Material Comfort. In order to get more comfortable, progress needs to be made.

12  Equality before the law, all citizens given equal opportunity, and everyone has a say.

13  Americans value freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution such as Freedoms of religion, speech and press.

14  Other values that Americans value are things such as Patriotism, Education, Religion.

15  Like all aspects of culture, it changes all the time.  Currently the things Americans value include: health, youthfulness, and physical fitness.  Values which continue to change over the course of life are grouped under the term self-fulfillment.

16  People the get involved too deeply in the ideas of self-fulfillment are deemed to have a disorder know as Narcissism. Narcissism means extreme self centeredness.

17 Section 2

18  Control of society is established through the enforcement of norms (rules, laws) that can be either internal or external (sanctions)

19  The process whereby norms become part of an individuals personality.  You eat with a knife and a fork because it is a norm.

20  Sanctions are rewards or punishments used to enforce conformity to norms

21  Praise by Parents  Good Grades from Teachers  Pay Raises from Work

22  A punishment or threat of punishment used to enforce conformity  Can range from frowns, and yelling to incarceration and death

23  In addition to being positive or negative, sanctions can be formal or informal.  Formal Sanctions – a reward or punishment given by a formal organization. (school, government)  Informal Sanctions – a reward or punishment given spontaneously. (smiles, standing ovation)

24  The enforcing of norms (shared rules of conduct) is called social control and is completed by the use of sanctions, either positive or negative, formal or informal.

25 Social Change

26  All cultures change over time. 1950’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s2000’s

27  Music:  1971 – Top Song – Joy to the World – 3 Dog NightJoy to the World  1981 – Top Song – Bette Davis Eyes – Kim CarnesBette Davis Eyes  1991 – Top Song – Everything I Do – Bryan AdamsEverything I Do  2001 – Top Song – All for You – Janet JacksonAll for You  2011 – Top Song – Rolling in the Deep - AdeleRolling in the Deep


29  A change in one part of society will affect change in the entire society.  If the change occurs in the ideology (a system of beliefs that justifies the moral, religious, political or economic interests of the group), then the change can have an enourmous amount of impact.

30  A long term effort to change society  Famous Social Movements  Abolitionist Movement  Prohibition Movement  Civil rights Movement  Women's Right Movement  Gay Rights Movement

31  Improving technology can greatly influence the society that uses the technology

32  As changes occur in our societies population, the culture of our society changes to reflect it.

33  Culture often spreads between countries in close proximity to each other. Often material items instead of ideas are transferred.

34  Natural disasters can change the culture of an area and surrounding areas.

35  Wars bring about the largest changes in the smallest amount of time.

36  Ethnocentrism  Cultural Lag  Vested Interests

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