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2 Why should we know this?  Singing is very personal. There is no instrument between you and the sound. It is our responsibility to know what is actually happening in our bodies while we are going through the vocal process!

3 Google the term ‘body alignment’ Define this term in your own words below.

4 Body Mapping is mentally picturing the correct structure and body alignment for your own body type. Body mapping includes six points of balance or alignment. Using this website, describe the points of balance on the following slide. ps/blog/show/23303762-knowing- your-body- ps/blog/show/23303762-knowing- your-body-

5 No. 2 Six Points of Balance  A-O Joint –  Thorax in relation to lumber spine –  Hip Joints –  Knee Joints  Ankle Joints –  Arm Structure –

6 Using the same website, label the points of alignment below.

7 Section B: The Vocal Process The next slides are a brief outline that will describe the five steps in the vocal process. This process is exactly what your body does when you begin to sing. It will start at the moment you begin thinking about the first note to actually singing the lyrics.

8 Google and Define ‘Volition’

9 Using your own common knowledge of a ‘mind to body connection’ and the definition of ‘volition.’ Describe how this would be important to the vocal process.

10 Using this website, define ‘actuator’ in the simplest sense.  /Musical%20Instrument.htm /Musical%20Instrument.htm

11 Respiration is the actuator in the vocal process. The muscles and organs of breathing coordinate to control the inhalation and exhalation of air to fuel the vocal tone. Using the word bank, label the muscles and organs of breathing on the diagram of the next slide. Use this website - 4eee-ab6e-3ef2482e3e22@6.27:147 4eee-ab6e-3ef2482e3e22@6.27:147

12 Word Bank: Trachea Left bronchus Left Lung Diaphragm Right bronchus Right Lung Ribs Ab Muscles

13 Using this website, define the choral ‘vibration’. 250/Syllabus/Musical%20Instrument.h tm 250/Syllabus/Musical%20Instrument.h tm

14 Phonation is the vibrator of the vocal process. Phonation takes place in the larynx (voice box), which coordinates the airflow to vibrate the vocal folds. This creates the fundamental tone. Using the word bank, label the parts of the larynx on the next slide. Use this website to help: 4eee-ab6e-3ef2482e3e22@6.27:147 4eee-ab6e-3ef2482e3e22@6.27:147

15 Word bank Epiglottis Vocal Cords Tongue Trachea

16 Define ‘resonator’ using this website 250/Syllabus/Musical%20Instrument.h tm 250/Syllabus/Musical%20Instrument.h tm

17 When playing an instrument, the horn itself is the resonator. Using your own common knowledge, what do you think are the resonators in the vocal process?  (Hint: There are three main resonators and one is the throat…can you name the other two)

18 Articulation – This is the step where the tone becomes a recognizable form of human verbal communication (aka words). The articulators are the organs of speech that coordinate to form the lyrics you are singing. Using the word bank, label the organs of speech on the diagram below. You can use the website from before, but you should be able to do most of these yourself! Label on the next slide.

19 Word bank: Tongue Hard Palate Soft Palate Lips Jaw Cheeks Teeth


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