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{ Vocal Production Freeing the Natural Voice.  gCvW8PRY gCvW8PRY

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1 { Vocal Production Freeing the Natural Voice


3  gCvW8PRY gCvW8PRY gCvW8PRY Diaphragmatic Breathing

4  kQ kQ kQ Vocal chords in action * Warning! This is gross/awesome

5 Male B2 – C3 Female G- A3 Four notes above lowest pitch Forcing a pitch that is too high for your natural voice can cause vocal strain or nodes. Pitch

6 Chest as Sounding Board Pharyngeal (Throat) Resonance Mouth Resonance Nasal Resonance Size, shape and texture changes sound

7 The articulators form sound into words ACTIVE  Lips  Tongue  Jaw  Soft Palate PASSIVE  Teeth  Hard palate  Uvula Articulators

8 Common Vocal Problems

9 Nasalized – too much nasal quality (hypernasal) Denasalized – stuffy head sound (hyponasal) Nasalized and Denasalized Sounds

10 Lisp Interdental lisp – tongue protrudes between the teeth, as in the [th] sound Lateral lisp – flat tongue as in [l] sound; air escapes around side of tongue creating wet slushy sound Lisp

11 Butterfly Position When you say "i" as in "bin", or "ee" as in "been", the sides of the tongue are raised slightly, like the raised wings of a butterfly, and are in light contact with the teeth Holding this position, direct the air-flow "along" the central groove, and not (laterally) over the sides of the tongue. Correcting a Lateral Lisp

12 Breathiness Vocal cords do not close fully Most often found after h words he, hit, who or sister, assistance, popcorn

13 A low, staccato vibration during speech and singing produced by a slow fluttering of the vocal chords Lowest of the three registers (falsetto, modal and fry) Vocal cartilages come together very tightly allowing the vocal cords to be loose and floppy Vocal Fry

14 Your personal sound is a result of many factors  Vocal fold elasticity/pliability  Vocal fold resistance  Vocal fold mass  Person's vocal fold features: e.g., stiffness, bulk, size  Vocal tract resonators (throat, oral cavity, nasal cavities) Voice Quality or Timbre

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