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1 Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training Presentation

2 The purpose of this training is provide knowledge to our faculty and staff about the Clery Act, and to explain their responsibilities What is the Clery Act? Major Reporting Requirements of Clery Annual Report Crime Statistics Access to Timely Information Fire Safety Statistics Who is a Campus Security Authority (CSA)? What are CSAs Responsible for? What to Report How to Report Clery Act Training

3 WHAT IS THE CLERY ACT? The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is the federal law, originally known as the Campus Security Act, that requires colleges and universities across the United States to disclose information about crime (and more!) on and around their campuses. The "Clery Act" is named in memory of 19 year old Lehigh University freshman Jeanne Ann Clery (pictured right) who was raped and murdered while asleep in her residence hall room on April 5, 1986.

4 MAJOR REPORTING REQUIREMENTS The Clery Act requires that the College collect, maintain and make available to prospective and current students and employees the following:  Annual Report  Crime and Fire Safety Statistics  Access to Timely Information  Fire Safety Information … so what are they?

5 THE ANNUAL REPORT Colleges and Universities must publish an annual report every year by October 1st that contains 3 years worth of campus crime and fire safety statistics and policy statements. This report will include a variety of campus policies, information about and, basic victims' rights, the law enforcement authority of campus police, where and how to report crimes. The report is to be made available to all current students and employees while prospective students and employees are to be notified of its existence and afforded an opportunity to request a copy. NWCC’S Current Annual Report may be found at “Preventing Campus Crime”: files/2012-campus-crime-brochure.pdf

6 CRIME STATISTICS Crimes must be reported in 12 major categories (Clery Offenses). Designated “hate crimes” must be reported. The College must report arrests and referrals to the campus disciplinary authorities for any alcohol, drug or weapons offenses. Crimes must be reported both by type of crime and location of the crime (Clery Geography). … reporting is a major duty of CSA’s

7 ACCESS TO TIMELY INFORMATION … this is a major, time sensitive, duty of CSA’s Daily Log of all criminal incidents reported to NWCC Campus Police is available at the front desk in the Police Department at the Senatobia Campus, DeSoto Center, and Oxford Center. Timely Warnings - issued whenever a Clery Offense occurring within the College’s Clery Geography is reported to Campus Police or a local police agency that is considered to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees. (Entire Community) Emergency Notifications - issued when a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurs on a campus. The notification may be targeted to only an effected group on the campus. Ranger Alerts can and will be utilized for any warnings or notifications.


9 CAMPUS SECURITY AUTHORITIES (CSA) WHO ARE THEY? CSA’s are individuals designated as a CSA because as a campus official they have a Duty to Report crimes. -Faculty Advisors -Coaches -Residence Hall Supervisors -Key Administrators -Student Organization Advisors

10 CSA RESPONSIBILITIES Assist Alleged Victims Information on contacting police Information regarding available helping services Victim assistance College assistance Counseling Etc. Report crimes (or cause to be reported) Designated Clery Offenses or Clery Offenses occurring within Clery Geography

11 WHAT TO REPORT -Clery Offenses -Clery Geography

12 CLERY OFFENSES -Murder- The intentional taking of another life -Manslaughter- Taking of another life without malice aforethought -Robbery- The taking of property from another by use of force -Burglary- forcefully entering into a residence or any other building with the intent to commit another crime. -Assault- Simple Assault- The assault of another by means not likely to result in death, or threats to cause bodily harm. Aggravated Assault- The assault of another by means likely to result in death or permanent bodily injury. -Arson- The willful and malicious burning of a building. -Larceny- Petit Larceny- The theft of any property under $500.00. Grand Larceny- The Theft of any property over $500.00. -Forcible Sex Offenses- Any sex act where a non-consenting party is forced into the act. -Non-forcible Sex Offenses- Any sex act when one party has consented to the act but by law is unable to give consent. (Statutory Rape)

13 -Domestic Violence/Dating Violence- Assaults involving persons who are in a current dating relationship, are married, have been married, have children either biologically or adopted together, or are relatives that are living together. -Stalking- Any person who willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses another person, or who makes a credible threat, with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury is guilty of the crime of stalking -Hate Crimes- means any felony or misdemeanor committed by any person who is a member of a street gang or violent street gang drug enterprise either as a part of the initiation of the person into the gang or gang enterprise or as a part of the criminal activities of the members of the street gang or violent street gang drug enterprise, or which is committed because of the actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, religion, national origin or gender of the victim. CLERY OFFENSES, cont…….

14 CLERY GEOGRAPHY -On Campus- Senatobia Campus, Desoto Center, and Oxford Center -On Campus in Residence Halls and NWCC Farm -On public property adjacent to campus -On affiliated/non-campus property owned or controlled by the College or a recognized student group. (Baptist Student Union) -Off Campus when students are participating in an official trip. (Away sporting events, competitions)

15 How to Report

16 How To Report There are two general circumstances: 1.CALL Campus Police IMMEDIATELY! (Senatobia Campus 562-3314, Oxford Center (662) 236-2023, DeSoto Center (662) 342-1570 )  If the information represents a serious or continuing threat  If the information represents a significant emergency or dangerous situation 2.In all other circumstances assist the victim and proceed as described below.

17 HOW TO REPORT (No serious or continuing threat/significant emergency/dangerous situation) All allegations of Clery Offenses must be reported As soon as possible! The crime can be reported by the victim or by the CSA. When Working With A Victim: 1. Does the victim wish to report the incident to the police? If so, assist the student in making a report. Victims may report to police anonymously through “Silent Witness” 2. If a victim does not make a report, the CSA MUST Withhold the victims identification information if they do not want to be identified. Our email address is available for faculty, staff, and students to confidentially submit CSA: When in doubt, REPORT IT!

18 HOW TO REPORT (No serious or continuing threat/significant emergency/dangerous situation) CSA REPORT via Silent Witness Web Form ( ) A CSA must leave their contact information on the silent witness form. CSA REPORT to Student Affairs All Sex Offenses - (Forcible or Non-forcible Sexual Assaults)  Contact the Title IX Coordinator rather than completing the form. Senatobia Campus: VP Dan Smith or Aime Anderson DeSoto Center: Patsy Gardner Oxford: Brenda Holmes  If the Victim does not wish to release his/her name to the VP, just report the Time, Date, and Location of the Incident and consider referring the victim to the NWCC Student Development Center for support.  With the Victim’s Consent, Student Affairs can assist in Coordinating Access to Support Services and Explaining Additional Reporting Options.

19 REPORTING OVERVIEW -Serious or Continuing Threat – Campus Police must be notified immediately. -If the Reporter does want to report to the Police the CSA must assist the Victim or Witness with making the report (Anonymously or in person). -The Victim may choose not to file a report with Police. In this case the CSA must report the incident!!! CSA’s must ensure a report has been made. In either instance Victim’s identification may be withheld at their request. - The CSA must also determine if the incident is criminal in nature. If it is not and the victim is in need of counseling, the CSA is to contact the NWCC Student Development Center.

20 Thank You Chief Zabe Davis 662 – 562 -3314

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