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2015/5/161 Against Child Abuse (Hong Kong) Parent-Child Helpline Service Mr. Arkin Lo Service Manager (Remedial Service) Against Child Abuse.

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1 2015/5/161 Against Child Abuse (Hong Kong) Parent-Child Helpline Service Mr. Arkin Lo Service Manager (Remedial Service) Against Child Abuse

2 2015/5/162 Parent-Child Helpline Service Introduction Service Statistics Follow-up Services –Investigation –Multidisciplinary Case Conference

3 2015/5/163 Service introduction Service Hour: –9:00am-9:00pm (Weekdays) –9:00am-1:00pm (Saturdays) Service Target: –Public –Children and parents in need –Professionals

4 2015/5/164 Service Goals: –Receive reporting of suspected child abuse cases through telephone calls, emails, Facebook and drop-in to the service centres –Provide phone counseling to children in need of emotional support and parents with child management difficulties –Provide follow-up services, such as investigation and counseling to abused children and their families. –Train up volunteer mentors to provide emotional support to children in need. –Connect community social services for the children and parents in need. –Support professionals in handling suspected child abuse cases.

5 2015/5/165 Service Statistics (Jan 12 - Jun 13) Time of callNo. of calls% 9:00am-5:00pm1,29974% 5:00pm-9:00pm45726% Total:1,756100% Time of Call:

6 2015/5/166 Source of Referral : Source of referralNo. of calls% Child’s mother56132% Public / Neighbor55631% Professional31118% Child’s relative / friend 1368% Child’s father936% Child38382% Abuser322% Others291% Total:1,756100%

7 2015/5/167 40% callers were parents (mother: 32%; father: 6%; parent as suspected abuser: 2%) From the statistics, fathers seemed to have less motivation to seek help than mothers.

8 2015/5/168 18% callers were professionals (teachers, medical professionals, social workers, etc.) It reflects that the frontline professionals are in need of support when handling suspected child abuse cases. Thus, on-going training should be provided for the professionals on risk assessment, crisis intervention and multidisciplinary collaboration in case handling.

9 2015/5/169 Nature of Call Nature of callNo. of calls% Suspected child abuse cases 58733% Child management cases45826% Service enquiry/ Personal problems 64337% Other problems (Family violence, extramarital affairs, etc.) 684% Total:1,756100%

10 2015/5/1610 Suspected Child Abuse Cases Suspected child abuse cases No. of reporting cases % Physical abuse 25443% Neglect 10818% Sexual abuse 8815% Psychological abuse 7413% Multiple abuse 6311% Total 587100%

11 2015/5/1611 33% of the calls were calls reporting suspected child abuse cases. Among these calls, 43% are related to physical abuse. It reflects that resorting to corporal punishment as a parenting method is still prevalent in Hong Kong. We urge for a total ban against corporal punishment in legislation of Hong Kong.

12 2015/5/1612 Child Management Cases Problem natureNo. of calls% Child’s emotional & behavioral problems 12728% Parent’s emotional problems 5913% Childcare management of newborn baby 5512% Academic issues4610% Puberty issues409% Parental conflicts on parenting views 378% Infant development327% In-law conflicts on parenting views 71% Other problems5512% Total:458100%

13 2015/5/1613 26% of the calls were related to child management. Among these calls, 41% are related to the emotional problem of children and parents. It reflects that the emotional well-being of children should be addressed. The mental health of parents is also a concern.

14 2015/5/1614 Age of Children involved: Age of children Suspected child abuse cases Child management cases 0-2 47 ( 8%)55 (12%) 3-5100 ( 17%)91 (20%) 6-8141 (24%)94 (20%) 9-11118 (20%)78 (17%) 12-14 76 (13%)54 (12%) 15-1723 (4%)27 (6%) 18 or above 6 (1%)27 (6%) No reveal76 (13%)32 (7%) Total:587 (100%)458 (100%) 61%57%

15 2015/5/1615 61% of the calls reporting suspected child abuse involve children aged from 3 to 11. 57% of the calls with child management difficulties involve children aged from 3 to 11. It reflects that parents in Hong Kong have high stress when looking after children of this age range. These children may encounter adjustment difficulty after promotion to primary school, higher school or in their puberty. Parents are in need of knowledge about the child development and the skills of emotional management, especially when facing parenting and parent-child relationship difficulties.

16 2015/5/1616 Follow-up Services for Suspected Child Abuse Cases Follow-up services No. of follow-up services % Direct phone contact1,97770% Collateral phone contact 27310% Investigation1957% Office interview1866% Refer to community services 1334% Follow-up letter522% Total:2,816100%

17 2015/5/1617 Follow-up Service for Child Management Cases Follow-up services No. of follow-up services % Phone counseling20946% Parenting education9621% Introduce to community services 6915% Phone follow-up388% Refer to community services235% Home visit235% Total:458100%

18 2015/5/1618 46% of the calls with child management difficulties were in need of counseling and emotional support 21% were in need of advice on parenting. Our social workers conducted a preliminary assessment on the cases and provide corresponding follow-up services, such as phone counseling, home visits and referrals to community services. It reflects that the helpline service can provide instant support and advice to parents in need.

19 2015/5/1619 Follow-up Services –Investigation –Involvement of multidiscipline, such as pediatricians and police –Multidisciplinary Case Conference

20 2015/5/1620 Calls from helpline Investigation: To conduct risk assessment for abused child and significant family members ACA follow-up services/ No follow-up needs Medical Examination Police Involvement ACA follow-up services: Case management & counseling services Multidisciplinary Case Conference: Welfare plan Is formulated Source of Referral: Child victims, neighbors, relatives, school parties, child care workers, etc. No child abuse elements identified Child abuse identified Reporting Channels: helpline, drop-in, Facebook, email & fax to ACA Chart 1: Handling Procedures on Suspected Child Abuse Cases

21 2015/5/1621 Investigation Service Targets: Abused children and children at potential risk of abuse. Service Goal: To protect children from various types of child abuse. Definition of Child Abuse: Any acts of commission /omission that endangers or impairs the physical /psychological health and development of a child. Types of Child Abuse: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological abuse and multiple abuse.

22 2015/5/1622 Overall case-handling procedures +Initial risk assessment (helpline level) +Comprehensive risk assessment (Investigation level) +Instant removal of child from risk +Medical examination / treatment +Police prosecution (if appropriate) +Multidisciplinary case conference +Follow-up: case management and counseling services Investigation

23 2015/5/1623 Investigation procedures Basic information gathering from the caller Protection of caller’s confidentiality Information gathering of the abusive incidents and abusive history through home visits and collateral contacts Comprehensive risk assessment Interview child victims, suspected abusers and significant others Removal / safety plan for child victims and cooperative non-abusive parents (e.g. out-of-home care) Escort child victims to hospitals for medical examination Liaise with police when necessary Investigation

24 2015/5/1624 Tactfully inform parents of the possible hospitalization when escorting child victims to nearby hospitals for medical examination. Child victims may need to stay in hospital until welfare plan is formulated after the multidisciplinary case conference. Police involvement of handling uncooperative parents and severe abuse cases. Emphasis of multidisciplinary involvement Medical Examination

25 2015/5/1625 1.Conference held within 10 days after first interview to the child victim 2.Parties involved in the child’s family: pediatricians, psychologists, nurses, police officers, teachers, school social workers, medical social workers, social workers from governmental child protection unit and our social workers. 3.Family participation in case conference: non- abusive parent and child victim. Multidisciplinary Case Conference

26 2015/5/1626 Conference agenda: 1.Information sharing of different parties 2.Discussion of case nature 3.Formulation of welfare plan for the child and the family –Removal / safety plan for child victim –Child/Protection Order (when necessary) –Determination of follow-up agency 4.Child Protection Registry –A database with information of all child victims warranting protection 5.Inform the parents about the collective decisions of the conference and seek their cooperation to implement the welfare plan. Multidisciplinary Case Conference

27 2015/5/1627 The END Thank you!

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