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Comenius Project 2011-2013 Szkola Podstawowa Nr 13 Ruda Śląska Poland.

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1 Comenius Project 2011-2013 Szkola Podstawowa Nr 13 Ruda Śląska Poland

2 Pierogi is a dish made ​​ from thinly rolled-out dough cooked and filled with a variety of fillings. In Poland, the most common fillings: meat (ground and pre-fried in kołdunach Lithuanian raw), sauerkraut with mushrooms (also together and mixed), seasonal fruits (blueberries, strawberries, etc.), cheese with fried onions (Russian dumpling

3  Kluski – collective term for a group of food flour, often with the addition of potatoes and eggs. Often found in Polish cuisine, as well as other countries in the kitchen, usually in addition to meat dishes and soups. Depending on the ingredients, place of origin, shape and method of preparation of many types we can find:  gnocchi  kluski czarne  kluski śląskie  kluski ziemniaczane  kopytka  knedliki  lane kluski  pierogi leniwe  pyzy

4  Gołąbki – half meat dish with stuffing roll wrapped in white cabbage leaves. Traditional stuffing ingredients are minced pork and rice or buckwheat and other additives, such as onions, mushrooms and spices

5 Kotlet schabowy – breaded pork loin (bone in or not) like a Viennese schnitzel. The history of Polish chops schabowy reaches the nineteenth century. How do I do that? : Typical ingredients: 1.eggs 2.lard or oil 3.seasoning (salt and pepper) 4.pork on the bone or boneless 5.crumbs 6.flour Preparation Pork loin, cut into slices and Whip pestle. Packed and sliced ​​ pork surround in flour, then in egg, then in bread crumbs. Put the pan on medium heat and we pour oil or lard. Prepared pork is put into the pan and fry until golden brown on one side and the other. Serve on a plate with potatoes, grits, rice or noodles, and steamed or fried mushrooms, cooked vegetables, salads, pickles, etc.

6 Bigos – traditional Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian dish of cabbage and meat. How do I do that? :. Ingredients: 1.1 kg sauerkraut, 2.0.5 kg of fresh cabbage, 3.meat (various species), 4.2 onions, 5.about 15 grams of dried mushrooms 6.about 10 grams of dried plums, 7.spices: bay leaf, allspice, pepper, cumin, marjoram Rinse sauerkraut in water, cut and throw into the pot. Add the shredded fresh cabbage, pour water - enough to cover the cabbage. Cut raw meat and add to stew. Cook food for about one hour of stirring occasionally. Add to stew along with cold cuts and pre-soaked onions and dried mushrooms and possibly some prunes. Season with spices. At the end of cooking, you can add a glass of red wine. Remember to not burn stew!

7 Tomato soup - soup prepared on the basis of broth or vegetable broth. The main ingredient, giving the flavor of the fresh tomatoes or tomato paste. Soup served with noodles or rice, and sometimes even the so-called. zacierką and cast cake. Often used to improve the taste of the herbs, such as basil or parsley and cream whitewashes. It is good for the end to add a bit of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Tomato soup is the traditional Polish cuisine dinner

8  Composition  -5 eggs  -500g bacon  -500g sausage  -3 medium onions  -6 large potatoes, peeled  -1 small cream 20 or 30%  -small jar of horseradish  -salt  -pepper  -garlic  -marjoram  -decoction

9 Rosół is a delicious soup that is perfect to eat on Sundays

10  Ogórkowa- soup made from cucumbers :  Grzybowa-soup made from mushrooms Kapuśniak:soup made from sour cabbage :

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