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Cakes There are four main cakes making methods

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1 Cakes There are four main cakes making methods
Whisking- Swiss rolls, sponge cakes Rubbing in – scones, rubbed in cakes Melting-gingerbread Creaming and all in one -Victoria sandwich cakes.

2 Modifying cakes You can modify cakes by- Using wholemeal flour
Adding flavourings such as lemon zest, dried fruit Decorating their surface Enrobing with chocolate, icing or marzipan

3 Functions of cake ingredients
Fat is added for- flavour, extends shelf life, when margarine is creamed with sugar, it traps air which acts as a raising agent.

4 Functions of cake ingredients
Sugar- sweetens add colour as the sugar caramelises on heating softens the structure.

5 Functions of cake ingredients
Eggs- trap air to help the mixture rise, acts as emulsifier in creaming and all in one cakes, add colour, helps form structure as they coagulate on heating provide moisture which converts to steam on heating.

6 Functions of cake ingredients
Flour- forms the structure of the cake, dextrinisation of starch gives colour, bulk ingredient.

7 Aeration Aeration is incorporating air in a mixture.
This happens in different ways depending on the method used. Creaming Sugar and fat beaten together traps air. Sieving Flour traps air in the flour particles Whisking Eggs and sugar together traps air.

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