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Estimating Measures Using Benchmarks

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1 Estimating Measures Using Benchmarks
Customary and Metric Systems

2 Length – Customary System
Inch (in) Foot (ft) Yard (yd) Mile (mi) 1 foot = 12 inches 1 yard = 3 feet 1 mile = 5280 feet The distance between the knuckles on your index finger is approximately 1 inch. Your notebook is approximately 1 foot tall. A baseball bat is approximately 1 yard long. You run the mile in PE. Four times around a track is equal to 1 mile. Practice for Customary Length

3 Weight - Customary System
Ounce (oz) Pound (lb) Ton (T) 1 pound = 16 ounces 1 ton = 2000 pounds A slice of bread weighs about 1 ounce. A loaf of bread weighs about 1 pound. A car weighs about 1 ton. Practice for Customary Weight

4 Capacity – Customary System
Cups (c) Pint (pt) Quart (qt) Gallon (gal) I pint = 2 cups 1 quart = 2 pints 1 gallon = 4 quarts A small cup of coffee holds about 1 cup A tall glass of lemonade is about 1 pint. Oil containers are 1 quart. A large container of milk or water is 1 gallon. Practice for Customary Capacity

5 Length – Metric System Millimeter (mm) Centimeter (cm) Meter (m)
Kilometer (km) 1 cm = 10 mm 1 m = 100 dm 1 km = 1000 m The edge of a dime is about 1 millimeter. A paperclip is about 1 cm wide. The distance from the floor to the door know is about 1 meter. 10 football fields end-to-end are about kilometer. Practice for Metric Length

6 Weight (Mass) – Metric System
Gram (g) Kilogram (kg) 1 kilogram = 1000 grams A packet of sugar weighs about gram. A book weighs about 1 kilogram. A car weighs about 1000 kilometers. Practice for Metric Weight

7 Capacity – Metric System
Milliliter (mL) Liter (L) 1 liter = 1000 milliliters Ten drops from a medicine dropper is about 1 milliliter. A bottle of soda is 2 liter. Practice for Metric Capacity

8 Estimating Measures Challenge
With your group, go on a scavenger hunt around our room. Find an object in our room that represents about: 1 inch 1 foot 1 yard 1 ounce 1 pound 1 cup 1 gallon 1 millimeter 1 centimeter 1 meter 1 gram 1 kilogram 1 liter Measure your objects to see how close you are to your estimate.

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