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Crime & Deviance Part 2: Crime & Capital Punishment.

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1 Crime & Deviance Part 2: Crime & Capital Punishment

2 Crime Any act that’s labeled as such by those in authority, is prohibited by law, and is punishable by the government

3 Who commits crimes? More likely if – male – white – African Americans – Under 25 – Warm weather – Aggressive thoughts & behaviors – In a large group

4 How the heck do we know all this? Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) by the FBI Certain limitations – Not all complaints filed (especially with family and sexual assault cases) – Police more likely to report if individual has bad attitude & from higher social class

5 5 Categories of Crime

6 1. Violent Crime Murder, rape, robbery Very small % of all crimes committed

7 2. Crime Against Property RobberyBurglaryLarceny StealingBreaking & EnteringUsually doesn’t use force ArmedIntent to stealMotor vehicle theft In presence of victim Aggravated /Armed Doesn’t always cause damage Purse-snatch, shoplifting, fraud, forgery, identity theft, embezzlement

8 3. Victimless Crime Prostitution, gambling, vagrancy, Harm no one but person committing act

9 4. White-Collar Crime High social status Fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, toxic pollution, political corruption Downplayed by public / press Most costly type

10 5. Organized Crime Large-scale organization of professional criminals that control business through violence / threat of violence Drug trafficking, illegal gambling, unfair labor practices, etc.

11 Criminal Justice System

12 Police Have immediate control over whose arrested Police discretion – power to decide Considerations: – Seriousness of offense – Wishes of victim – Attitude of suspect – Bystanders present – African Americans (racial profiling)

13 Courts Once arrested – courts have responsibility 3 parts – Guilty or innocent – Sane / Insane – Punishment if guilty Plea Bargaining – plead guilty to lesser crime for lighter sentence

14 Types of Violent Crime Felonies – serious crimes (jail time, loss of voting privileges) Misdemeanors – less serious Homicide – killing of another human being (the action) – 2 types: murder & manslaughter

15 Murder Unlawful killing of another human being with intent or malice afterthought 1 st Degree – provoked, premeditated 2 nd Degree - homicide same time as felony – Unplanned, but fully aware of actions

16 Manslaughter Voluntary – Intent to kill but was provoked – Mental disorder, self-defense gone too far – “In the heat of passion” Involuntary – Killing without malice, no intent, a terrible accident

17 Corrections If found guilty – use sanctions 4 basic functions of corrections: – Retribution – revenge for victim / society – Deterrence – discourage from future crimes – Rehab – return to society as law-abiding citizen – Social Protection – prevent from committing more crimes

18 Recidivism Repeated criminal behavior 2/3 of released prisoners will be charged with new crimes

19 Juvenile Justice System Contemporary Idea – used to remain in custody way too long, vague laws Try to provide more services to rehab them Can be tried as adults for serious crimes

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