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Counseling Office Assistant Principal of Instruction Nicole Judd Counselors Martha Aggazzotti Moira Fagan Simpson Melissa Kukta John Lisowski Susan Wilson.

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2 Counseling Office Assistant Principal of Instruction Nicole Judd Counselors Martha Aggazzotti Moira Fagan Simpson Melissa Kukta John Lisowski Susan Wilson Counseling Office Staff Kathie Solare, Registrar Barbara Howe, Counseling Secretary Helene Franklin, Secretary of Instruction Marilyn Maygren, Counseling Clerk

3 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Classes worth 5 credits per semester Must earn a D or better to receive credits Must earn C or better for university admissions Log-in to Zangle to view your transcript SUBJECTRequiredCREDITS English4 years40 Health1 semester5 Mathematics (must include Algebra 1) 3 years30 Physical Education2 years20 Phys. Science (Geosci or Chemistry) 1 year10 Biology1 year10 World Hist/Geography1 year10 US History1 year10 United States Government 1 semester5 Economics1 semester5 Visual Performing Art, World Lang or CTE 1 year 10 Electives 75 credits above and beyond required courses 75 CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) PASSING SCORE ON ENGLISH AND MATH230


5  Registration forms distributed to Redwood, Los Cerritos and Colina  Registration forms are due to the student’s Social Science teacher on Monday, March 3, 2014  If this form was misplaced, your student should go to his/her middle school counseling office  Students from other CVUSD middle schools will need to submit a school choice application prior to obtaining a course registration form from the WHS counseling office.  Applications for school choice are on the CVUSD website: and are due by March 3, 2014  Out of district/private school students will obtain a course registration form when enrolling the student.

6 OUT OF DISTRICT STUDENTS PRIVATE SCHOOL STUDENTS  If you live out-of-district: 1. Request a release from your home district. Your district of residence will forward the approved Interdistrict Transfer Agreement to CVUSD. 2. To expedite the process, send your application with all supporting documents to your district of residence AND to CVUSD so we have all documentation necessary to process the application as soon as you are released from your home district. 3. Interdistrict transfer paperwork will be processed in April and you will be contacted by email 4. Once accepted, request an enrollment appointment from WHS  If your student is coming from a private school but lives within Westlake High School boundaries 1. Contact the WHS counseling office to enroll your student. Must bring proof of residence to obtain enrollment packet.  ALL students from out of district/private schools who desire placement in Honors/AP classes at WHS must submit an Academic Petition for each honors course in which the student wishes to enroll. Please call WHS Counseling to obtain an enrollment packet 805.497.6711, ext. 1019, 1020, 1021 or 1032

7 ACADEMIC PETITIONS Available at the middle schools and in the WHS counseling office. Due: May 2, 2014

8 ACADEMIC PETITION CRITERIA CVUSD students in CP level; Private school students; Out-of-district students:  Must petition to take/remain in honors  LCMS and CMS students may pick up forms at the middle school  Others may pick up at WHS  Attach all required documentation  Submit completed petition to middle school or WHS by May 2  Placement exams required:  Math: Wednesday, May 28th, 3:30 p.m. or Wednesday, August 20th, 8:00 a.m.  English: Thursday, May 29th, at 3:30 p.m. or Thursday, August 21st, 8:00 a.m. CVUSD students currently in honors courses:  If you are currently in honors and earn B- or better, you may continue with honors in grade 9 (no placement exam necessary)  If you are currently in honors and earn a C, you must submit a petition to remain in honors in grade 9 and take the placement exam.

9 TYPICAL 9 TH GRADE SCHEDULE:  6 classes  WISE  Start times: 8 a.m. or 7 a.m.  If you plan to take band, choir, or theater, students can opt to take health in summer school to avoid a 7 period day Sample schedule: 1. Unscheduled period 1 2. Spanish 3. Biology 4. P.E. 5. Health/Careers/Computers WISE 6. Math 7. English 9

10 WISE o Westlake Intervention Support and Enrichment o 26 Minutes from 12-12:26 p.m. o Mandatory for ALL freshmen o “WISE provides a structured environment in which WHS students connect with teachers and experienced student mentors, learn about WHS’ programs, procedures and traditions, and receive academic and social support as they transition into the rigorously academic high school environment provided at WHS.” o For more info:

11 THERE ARE TWO BASIC SETS OF REQUIREMENTS: High School Graduation Requirements  Any level of the course will count: Standard, Resource, Basic, CP, H, AP  Must meet only the minimum requirements  Earn credits with D- or better 4-Year University Requirements, a.k.a. “A-G”  Must take CP level or higher  Must often take courses above and beyond minimum requirements  Must earn a C or better (must earn a B or better for selective colleges)

12 ENGLISH REQUIREMENT High School Graduation  Four years of English College/University, a.k.a. “A-G” : Four years of college prep (CP) level or higher. Must pass with grade of “C” or better.

13 MATH REQUIREMENT High School Graduation Three years of mathematics (equivalent of 30 credits) One of the three years must meet or exceed Algebra 1. Note: Algebra 1 taken in grade 8 will not count towards the 3 year HS graduation requirement, therefore you must take 3 years above and beyond Algebra 1. A-G Reqt: Three years of CP level or higher. Must pass with a grade of “C” or better. REQUIRED  Algebra 1 CP / H  Geometry CP / H  Algebra 2 CP / H 4 th year RECOMMENDED AP Statistics AP Calculus Functions Stats and Trig CP Math Analysis CP / H Statistics CP Some students will complete Algebra in grade 8 and therefore must go above and beyond to meet his/her 30 credits

14 SOCIAL SCIENCE REQUIREMENT STARTS IN GRADE 10 High School Graduation Each of the following 1 year World History (or AP Euro) 1 year US History 1 semester U.S. Government & Politics 1 semester Economics A-G Requirement: Must pass the following with a “C” or better 1 YEAR  World History CP or AP European History 1 YEAR  US History CP or AP US History 1 SEMESTER  US Govt & Politics CP or AP US Govt & Politics 1 SEMESTER  Economics CP or AP Macroeconomics Well qualified students (“A” or “B” in English honors; “A” in CP) may enroll in AP Human Geography as an ELECTIVE in grade 9, space permitting. This is not a required course.

15 SCIENCE REQUIREMENT High School Graduation 1 year of a Biological Science 1 year of a Physical Science (Geosciences or Chemistry) A-G Reqt: Two years of laboratory science. Must pass with “C” or better. 2 Years Required  Biology CP / H  Chemistry CP / H 3 rd Year Recommended Advanced Anatomy H (Teacher approval required) AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics Anatomy & Physiology CP Biotechnology CP Forensic Science CP Marine Science CP Physics CP Physiology H

16 PHYSICAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENT PHYSICAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENT FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION ONLY 2 Years Required: P.E. P.E. WHS team sport (try-outs required) WHS team sport (try-outs required) Marching band Marching band Colorguard Colorguard ISPE ISPE Completed in grades 9 and 10 Completed in grades 9 and 10

17 HEALTH REQUIREMENT HEALTH REQUIREMENT FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION ONLY  One semester  Paired with Careers & Personal Computing  Health is offered in summer school.  Info will be available on the district website soon  Why take health in summer?  This allows the schedule to accommodate a world language AND band, choir or theater  Avoid a 7 period day

18 VISUAL & PERFORMING ART, WORLD LANGUAGE, & CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION High School Graduation 1 year, chosen from ONE of the following subject areas: Visual & Performing Art or World Language or Career Technical Education (CTE) course A-G Reqt: Must take BOTH a VPA and a World Language and pass with “C” or better: 1 year of a VPA and 2 years of the same World Language  3 years of language recommended

19 ELECTIVE REQUIREMENT High School Graduation Every class taken above and beyond the previously listed graduation requirements will count towards the 75 credit elective requirement A-G Reqt: Must pass with “C” or better. 1 full year of a CP/H/AP level elective is required (above and beyond previously mentioned requirements)


21 DUE DATES  Colina and Los Cerritos Students: The last day to turn in your green sheet is Monday: March 3, 2014  Must be signed by a parent and turned in to your Social Studies teacher.  Academic petitions for honors courses are due to Colina, Los Cerritos or WHS by May 2, 2014  Students who submit a late petition will be subject to being placed on a wait-list if petition is approved.  Interdistrict transfer paperwork can be submitted now and will be processed in April. See the district website for details. Interdistrict transfer paperwork  School Choice applications are due by March 3, 2014. See the district website for details.

22 RESOURCES WHS Website: WHS Counseling Website: This presentation will be posted on the counseling website High School Course Directory (available on the counseling website): 20Directory12-13.pdf 20Directory12-13.pdf Interdistrict transfer and school choice info: Counseling Office Info Phone: 805.497.6711 ext 1019, 1020, 1021 or 1032 Fax: 805.497.2606 Hours: 7 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment paperwork can take up to one hour. Please arrive no later than 2:00 p.m. to enroll your student.

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