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Giraffes Dangerous Lives By: Sergio. Table of Contents.

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1 Giraffes Dangerous Lives By: Sergio

2 Table of Contents

3 Habitat  Live in hot grassy, savannas  Some live in forest  Live in Africa  Savannas flat land, tall grass, and tall tress  Dry, grassy parts of Africa  Live in intanzania, Kenya, Angoala,Zaire, Maliy,Aligerra

4 Food and Water  Eat with it’s tong  Eat leaves from top trees  Eat every single day  Eat from tall trees  Most of water comes from leaves  Can eat 75 pounds of leaves one day  Giraffes bend down low to get water  Can go days between drinks

5 Daily Behavior  Baby giraffes need sisters so the sister can protect them from enemies  There protesters are lion, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, African wild dog  Eat during the day  Cabs live with family until they are one year old  Live in herbs can go up to 15  Eat most of the time  Sleep standing up  Do not sleep much  Run up to 35 mills pre hour

6 Family Structures  Give birth standing up  Female feed the young when they are born  Female takes care of baby  One day later baby can run  Can have one baby at a time  Live in a herb to stay safe  In the herb they take care of each other

7 Interesting Facts  Tong is dark black  Baby can stand up 6 feet 1.8 meters  Pull branches into it’s mouth  Have 7 neck bonus like a human  Tail is as a yard stick  Called cabs just like an elephant  Male Giraffes are called bolus

8 Bibliography Bredeson camem, Giraffes up close, New jersey, Jean Michel, 2009 Schaefer Lola, Giraffes long neck, Minesota,press Capstone,2002


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