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Look Good Feel Better Christmas Fundraising Ideas 2014

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1 Look Good Feel Better Christmas Fundraising Ideas 2014

2 Each day in the UK 440 women receive the devastating news that they have cancer. This holiday season please help LGFB raise funds to support women and teenagers struggling with the visible effects of their cancer treatment and hold a festive fundraiser - at home with friends, with colleagues at work, or maybe your beauty salon, hair dressers, or nail bar… In 2014, we will have supported over 15,000 women and teenagers living with cancer. This your support will enable us to increase the number of women we can support in 2015.

3 A donation of £5 would enable us to send out one of our Confidence Kits to a woman whose low confidence and self-esteem prevents her from attending one of our Workshops. £50 would fund a place at one of our Workshops for a woman to receive support and expert advice. £100 would enable LGFB to hold a Masterclass for 15-20 women in a geographical area where cancer support is limited.

4 A festive product sale for gorgeous gifts to sit beneath the tree….. Empty out those cluttered cupboards and hold a Christmas product sale. It’s an excellent way to make space in untidy cupboards and to bag some bargain stocking fillers for loved ones. £100 enables 2 teenagers to receive support at a LGFB Teenage Workshop.

5 Festive Fivers….. An easy Christmas challenge! Collect £5 from your colleagues, making sure they write their name on their fiver. Once everyone has entered, draw the winner from Santa’s hat. Proceeds are split between the winner and LGFB. With just 10 colleagues participating, a donation of £25 could fund 5 LGFB Confidence Kits

6 The Great LGFB Mince Pie and Christmas Cake Bake Off….. Nobody can resist a home made cake, especially at Christmas! Find your very own Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry and run a bake off competition, with the cakes being sold after you have found your star baker… £15 could fund the training of one of our Volunteers

7 Host a mince and mingle….. Invite friends and family around for a mulled wine and mince pie evening. Ask your guests to show their appreciation for a lovely time by making a donation as they leave … £50 could fund a place at a Workshop for a woman needing our support.

8 Super Secret Santa….. Everyone loves secret Santa, guessing who has bought what for who! Instead of spending a fiver on a Secret Santa gift, set the limit to £4 and donate the saved £1 to LGFB. £5 from a group or team of 5 could fund a LGFB Confidence Kit.

9 Party Nail Time….. Get gorgeous party nails for Christmas by creating a pop up nail bar, putting your skills to good use. Share the latest varnishes and get those party nails in return for a donation to LGFB. £100 could fund a Masterclass for 15-20 women.

10 Sweet Success….. Ever wondered how many sweets in a big tin of Roses? Or in a jar of Quality Street? Purchase your favourite (£4-£5) and create a competition. Everyone donates £1 to guess the correct number. The winner wins the sweets, the cost to buy the sweets is deducted and the remaining money is donated to LGFB £10 could help fund make-up brushes for our patient gift bags

11 Guess the Christmas Cherub Competition….. “Aww, whose that cutie?” Get your colleagues to bring in a photo from one of their a childhood Christmas gone by and create a competition. Carefully display the pictures and ask everyone to pay £1 to enter. Proceeds are split between the winner and LGFB. £25 could help fund our website containing useful information, tutorials and advice.

12 LGFB’s fundraising team have lots more festive ideas and would be only to happy too help support you with your Christmas fundraising. In addition, we have balloons, bunting, posters etc to help make your events eye catching and successful. Call either Ian or Natasha on 01372 747 500 or email We are here to help you. Thank

13 Look Good Feel Better thank you for your support this year and wish you a wonderful Christmas, health and happiness in 2015.

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