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THANKSGIVING How is Thanksgiving celebrated in America?

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1 THANKSGIVING How is Thanksgiving celebrated in America?

2 In 1620, one hundred people sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to land at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in America. However, their first winter was very bad and their crops failed. Many of them died.

3 The people who survived were saved by Indians (also called Native Americans) of the Iroquois tribe taught them how to grow corn (maize) and other crops.

4 In the next autumn, 1621, they harvested crops of corn, barley, beans and pumpkins. The settlers had much to be thankful for, so a feast was planned. They invited the Iroquois chief and his tribe for this feast.

5 The Indians brought turkeys and other wild game for the settlers. The feast consisted of cranberries, corn, turkey and deer, along with dishes taught by the Indians.

6 The official date has been changed a number of times but it is now on the fourth Thursday of November.

7 Americans have a meal with their family, and talk about things they are thankful for. More people go home and see their family for Thanksgiving than they do for Christmas.

8 Americans often decorate the dinner table with a nice centrepiece. The meal includes the foods that the first settlers ate such as Turkey, cranberries, corn, sweet potatoes, and string beans.

9 Because Thanksgiving is held in the American autumn (which they call Fall), the decorations have an autumn theme.

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