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Lesson 1.  The Tlingit live in the northern part of the West.

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1 Lesson 1

2  The Tlingit live in the northern part of the West

3  Totem pole  potlatch

4  Tlingit Cultural Region  Juneau, Alaska

5  Tlingit:  Native Americans who live along the southeastern coast of Alaska and the northern coast of British Columbia in Canada

6  Tlingit Cultural Region is heavily influenced by Tlingit culture  Region is rich in natural resources  Forests, fish, and game  Hunted for deer and seals  Fished for salmon  Wood to build large homes

7  Totem poles  A tall post carved with images of people and animals  Carved for doorways and outside of homes  Brightly painted  Represent family history

8  Timber  Used to make homes in winter  Smaller wooden homes in summer Near fishing and hunting grounds  Carved canoes for fishing and hunting

9  Traded fish and game  Made and traded goods  Canoes, blankets, copper tools and ornaments  Baskets and seal oil  Traded with large network of Native Americans

10  Chilkat blanket  Woven from dyed wool of mountain goats and sheep  Colorful with designs of shapes and animals  Designs tell stories  One of the most prized Tlingit goods

11  Potlatch: feast  Celebrates weddings, births, deaths  Shows family importance  Over 100 guests sometimes  Held by many NW Native Americans  Practiced for many years before settlement

12  Traditions  Host gives gifts like canoes and blankets  Host and guests make speeches  Guests wear carved masks and dance  Provide large amounts of food  Feasts last up to 12 days  Guests take food home to share

13  Still held in modern Tlingit culture  Speeches, dancing, feasts  Gifts  money and household goods  Held on the weekend  Do not miss work or school

14  Some live on the same land  Stayed where ancestors are from  Jobs  Logging and fishing  Modern villages  Combine traditions with modern life

15  Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska  Governs Tlingit and Haida tribes  Sealaska Corporation  Tlingit and other Native American tribes  Build new buildings for the Tlingit  Protects Tlingit property  Ensures that tribe has enough money and land for the future

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