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Criminal Procedure -misdemeanor -felony. Arrest -Rights Read -Booked & Charged with crime -Attorney contacted.

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1 Criminal Procedure -misdemeanor -felony

2 Arrest -Rights Read -Booked & Charged with crime -Attorney contacted

3 Preliminary Hearing -Charges are read -Bail can be issued

4 Indictment -A Grand Jury decides if formal charges will be filed

5 Arraignment -Suspect will plead innocent or guilty -Trial Date is set -Court Docket

6 Plea Bargaining -Some suspects plead guilty before a trial if they are given a lighter punishment

7 Trial -(Petit)Jury is selected -Opening Statements -Prosecution’s evidence

8 Trial -Cross-Examination -Defense’s Case -Closing Statements -Jury Instructions

9 Jury -Follow Instructions given by the judge -Elect a Foreperson -Must make unanimous decision -Hung Jury

10 Verdict -Must be unanimous decision -Jury may be polled -Jury issues verdict -Guilty or Not-guilty (acquittal) -Judge issues sentence

11 Juveniles -Court System treats youth offenders very differently -A Juvenile is someone considered underage -Usually 16 to 18

12 Juvenile Delinquency -Juvenile Delinquents are youths who have broken the law -Should youth offenders be treated differently???

13 Juvenile Courts -Goal of Juvenile Courts -Cases deal with neglect by parents, abuse, or delinquency

14 Juvenile Arrest -Juveniles are handled differently when arrested -Parents notified -Usually released to parents -Court date is set

15 Juvenile Court -Private Court Room setting -No jury trial -More of a hearing than a trial -Attorneys may be used

16 Juvenile Protections -Identity is secret and private -Juvenile records are sealed at age 18 -Usually Lighter punishments

17 Juvenile Punishments -Lectures -Reformatory Schools -Foster Care -Institutional Placement -Probation -Community Service

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