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Chapter 15 Section 2 People on the Move.

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1 Chapter 15 Section 2 People on the Move

2 Pogrom Violent massacres of Jews Sweeping through Russia

3 How did pogroms affect life for Jews in Russia?
Pogroms made life very dangerous for Russian Jews Jews were restricted to living in certain designated areas and were denied access to many professions and trades The U.S. offered religious freedom and an opportunity to build a new life

4 Steerage A large open area beneath a ship’s deck

5 Describe conditions in the steerage section of a ship
Overcrowded Limited toilet facilities No privacy Poor food But tickets were cheap…

6 Why do you think only steerage passengers were required to pass through Ellis Island, instead of all passengers? To try to prevent the entry of “less desirable” foreigners into the U.S. Those unwilling to work The uneducated Those with disease Criminals

7 Quarantine A time of isolation to prevent the spread of disease
Immigrants had to undergo an exam- those with illnesses would be quarantined or deported

8 Ghetto Areas in which one ethnic group or racial group dominated
Many new immigrants chose to live near others of their ethnic group Ghettos would strongly reflect the culture of their homeland

9 Restrictive Covenant Agreements among home owners no to sell real estate to certain groups of people These would prevent several minorities from buying homes in better neighborhoods

10 Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the United States It did not prevent entry by those who had previously established residence in the U.S.

11 Gentlemen’s Agreement
Not an official government document Compromise San Francisco schools would stop discriminating against Asian students Japan would stop issuing passports to laborers

12 What were the shared goals of the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Gentlemen’s Agreement?
To limit further Asian immigration into the U.S. To keep Asians out of the American labor force

13 Alien Noncitizens

14 Why did immigrants leave Mexico for the United States between 1910 and 1920?
Turmoil in their own country encouraged them to leave More opportunity in the United States (new irrigation technology in the southwest U.S. turned deserts into fertile farmland)

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