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Our Five Senses By Yasaman SamsamiRad

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1 Our Five Senses By Yasaman SamsamiRad

2 Hearing

3 a fire truck siren a trumpet

4 Hearing We use our ears to hear. A trumpet sounds loud. Rain sounds soft. Wind chimes sound pretty. A fire truck siren sounds very loud.

5 Smell

6 paint soap

7 perfume flowers

8 Smell We use our nose to smell. Flowers and perfume smell sweet. Soap smells fresh and clean. Paint smells strong.

9 Taste

10 medicine salsa

11 Taste We use our tongue to taste. Ice cream taste sweet. Chips tastes salty. Salsa tastes spicy. Some medicine tastes bad!

12 Touch

13 Touch We touch with our fingers. Sandpaper feels rough. A rabbit fur feels soft. A desk feels hard. Glue feels sticky.

14 Sight

15 Sight We use our eyes to see. The suitcase looks heavy. Flowers look beautiful.

16 Now, answer!

17 How does it taste? It tastes delicious.

18 How does the drum sound? It sounds loud.

19 How does the rabbit feel?
It feels soft.

20 How does it smell? It smells strong.

21 How does sandpaper feel?
It feels rough.

22 How does the medicine taste?
It tastes bad!

23 How does the baby look? He looks sad.

24 How does he look? He looks tired.

25 How does it taste? It tastes salty.

26 Good Luck!

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