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~ Generation Y - Song Analysis Assignment

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1 ~ Generation Y - Song Analysis Assignment


WHO ~ We are the Echo Boomers, due to the significant increase in birth rates between 1972 – 1995. WHAT ~ This song is inspirational, which helps teens to understand the decisions they made in their lives and how to make decisions in their future. WHERE ~ This song demonstrates the hardships one could go through in life. (e.g, school, home, among peers) . WHEN ~ In society today. WHY ~ This song's message is, in life you go through obstacles that you have to overcome, which are difficult and it is human to make mistakes, and learn from them.

4 * QUESTIONS * * Why do the decisions we make greatly affect our self- esteem, beliefs and behaviours? * If one does not participate in a particular activity (e.g, smoking), why do we feel out of the social norm? * Why do people feel money and success are more meaningful as opposed to love or the environment? What causes this? * What value do you think is most common in society today? * What customs are critical in finding equality for all? * Why does gender expectations effect many, some more than others? * Why are social norms and mores more challenging for teens to handle?

5 * Anthropology * ~ This song relates to Anthropology by …
Each Tear – relates to the actions of children/teens and others who have made decisions in their lives which may not have been the best. The cause was the action. The reaction is now dealing with the decision that has been made and learning from it. (or dealing with a difficult situation) The physical and emotional hardships those go through, affects their behaviour with not only themselves but others as well. Understanding the struggles, learning and growing from these experiences is the behaviour one learns and carries into the future .

6 * Sociology * The struggles that one goes through affects one physically and emotionally. If one struggles socially, then they will also struggle independently When one goes through difficult situation, one looks to those who understand or perhaps going through the same situation. With the understanding of others, it can improve the way one feels and thinks towards the end of the situation. They now tend to look at the positive side, which is learning from the situation, which helps one to be a better person.

7 * Psychology * The emotions one has when enduring conflict in their lives, changes how they think(MIND) and their (BEHAVIOUR). It changes how they look at situations Struggles, they think more and ask questions they are unsure of E.g, why is this happening, what kind I do to improve, what is the positive side? Going through obstacles, helps one to learn and think wiser and make good decisions By enduring these situations, (heartbreak, failure, disappointments) helps one to strive for the better and be the best person they could be. ~ mistakes is the only way to learn !

8 Issues, Values, Norms ... In society today, money and success, and love and acceptance are the two major issues that exist today. Everyone's goal is to be able to provide for themselves and to be successful. Also, to be accepted and wanted in a social circle. Values that can be determined from this song is finding equality and understanding for all. The message is it is okay to make mistakes, because the negative soon turns into the positive which makes you wiser and stronger. Customs that are evident are relying on one another for support, and understanding each others situations. Gender expectations, it does not matter who it is, anyone can achieve anything no matter what. Social norms/mores, accepting one another, not letting situations get in the way of learning and growing.

9 * Song Analysis * What song best defines Generation Y for me?
I chose this song because it is very inspirational. I believe inspiration is key to learning, achieving and growing. This song lets you know it is okay to mess up, you can learn and grow from it. Going through hardships, may be difficult at first, but in the end, you prepared for anything and you can feel you can conquer anything. “ I Came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive,I Came to win to survive, I came to prosper to RISE *

10 * Meaningful Lyrics * There's something that I want to say, But I feel I don't know how. Until I just can't hold it one more day, So I think I let it out. You're on my mind more than I may show You're in my heart more than you may know And the last thing that I want, Is to you to fall apart. You're future will be clearer, I want you to remember. In each tear there's a lesson, (there's a lesson) Makes you wiser than before (wiser) Makes you stronger than you know (stronger) In each tear (each tear) Brings you closer to your dreams No mistake, no heartbreak Can take away what you're ment to be.. You're much more than a struggle that you go through You're not defined by your pain, so let it go... You're not a victim, you're more like a winner And you're not in defeat, you're more like a queen

11 Ending ... Today, in society we all go through challenges that are hard to cope with. But, we all have the strength and the ability to deal with them. GENERATION Y ! a strong, wise generation that can get through and achieve anything . BY : ASHANA PERSAUD .

12 * Never a victim, Always a Winner ! *

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