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1 Allusions


3 Coming up on Friday!!!! Poetry Test!
Study your poetry notes. If you need to, the notes can be found on my web page. Tomorrow you will download a study guide that you can also use.

4 Learning Target Analyze characteristics of different forms of poetry (ex. Narrative, Ballad, Lyric, Elegy) Analyze how meaning is conveyed in poetry through word choices - ALLUSION, poetic devices (rhyme, rhythm, repetition, refrain) and figurative language.

5 What is ALLUSION? Write this in your poetry notes!!!
Definition: a reference to something in literature or history, sports, politics, religion, current events, etc. Why do writers use it? The things that are alluded to are popular, and people (readers) know about these things. It helps readers/viewers/listeners have a deeper understanding of the text.

6 Popular in literature William Shakespeare is a very popular writer who wrote hundreds of poems, stories, and plays. He has many of the best known writings of all time! Many authors make allusions to his work in their own writings.

7 In your notes: BRAINSTORM: What are some of the most famous love stories from literature, pop culture, movies, songs, etc. (What famous love stories do you know about?)

8 Your Assignment: In groups, carefully read the song (some of you will know it, but I want you to analyze the lyrics!) Answer the questions – each group member must answer the questions on their own paper. Get the lyrics on Mrs. Running’s webpage – go to “Language Arts 8” upload to Notability.

9 Questions to answer 1. What type of poem is this? (In other words, is this a narrative, ballad, lyric, or elegy?) What makes it that type of poem? 2. What is this song about? 3. What is the conflict in the song? 4. Write the refrain of this song. 5. Determine what the most important emotion of the song is. Write why you think it’s that emotion. 6. Make a list of emotions the characters feel in the song. 7. What famous love story/play does this poem mention (what does it allude to)? 8. What is the purpose of using the allusion?

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11 Your assignment on your own:
You can do this on a half sheet of paper or in Pages. Write 3-5 sentences for each question: How is the reader’s/listener’s understanding of the song affected by using the Romeo and Juliet allusion? What conclusions can we make about allusions? (Why are they used, where do we see them, etc.) Share with in Google Doc when you’re done. (H# Lastname firstname Allusion)

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