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1 Mathematics Kovan Rizgar Verb To be 1

2 Am/is/are ( positive ) I am (I’m) “I am a lawyer.” He (he’s) “He is a politician.” She is (she’s) “She’s singer.” It (It’s) “It is a large house.” We (we’re) “We are students.” You are (you’re) “You’re 22 years old.” They (They’re) “They are depressed.”

3 Negative (Not) I am not = (I’m not) He is not = (he’s not) or He isn’t She is not = (she’s not) or She isn’t It is not = (it’s not) or It isn’t You are not = (You’re not) or You aren’t We are not = (We’re not) or We aren’t They are not = (They’re not) or They aren’t

4 examples ( positive ) I am cold. Can you close the window, please? You are 22 years old. My sister is 25. My friend is very tall. He’s a policeman. It’s ten o’clock. You’re late again. Ali and I are good writers. (We are …) Your keys are on the table. (They are …)

5 Examples ( negative ) I am tired, but I am not hungry. Tom is not depressed. Or Tome isn’t depressed. Jane isn’t at home now. She is at work. Those people aren’t British. They’re Russian. It’s sunny today but it is not warm.

6 Interrogative I am (am I …?) (Am I a teacher?) He is (is he …?) (Is he depressed?) She is (is she …?) (Is she married?) It is (is it …?) (Is it your car?) You are (are you …?) (Are you a lawyer?) We are (are we …?) (Are we smart?) They are (are they …?) (Are they sick?

7 Hello, I’m kovan Frank: Hello, I’m Frank. What is your name? Sarah: Hello, Frank I am Sarah Frank: Glad to meet you. Sarah: Glad to meet you, too. Suzan: Hi Marko: Hello Suzan: I am Suzan. What’s your name? Marko: My name is Marko. Suzan: Nice to meet you. Marko: Me too.

8 What is your phone number? Ali: Hello Amir: Hi Ali: How are you? Amir: I am fine, thanks. And you? Ali: Fine, thanks. Amir: What’s your phone number? Ali: My phone number is 972 0258.

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