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Team 7 / May 24, 2006 Web Based Automation & Security Client Capstone Design Advisor Prof. David Bourner Team Members Lloyd Emokpae (team Lead) Vikash.

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1 Team 7 / May 24, 2006 Web Based Automation & Security Client Capstone Design Advisor Prof. David Bourner Team Members Lloyd Emokpae (team Lead) Vikash Sharma John Nosek Cengiz Basu

2 Presentation Outline Introduction to Project Project Specifications System Implementation Closing Materials Demo

3 Project Introduction

4 General Problem Statement Modern homes and office have many needs for security A way is needed to monitor a space Operated via a control device Connected by Ethernet network Remote Controlled Controlled over the internet Provides security, convenience, and protection

5 General Project Requirements GOAL: Develop a web based automation system that can send images from a camera module via the WWW Users include security-conscience home or business owners System is designed to enable a home or business owner to securely access streamed images from a camera module located in their home or office via the web.

6 General Solution Statement Software Programmed in C Program to test camera module Programmed in HTML Front-End Web Page used to remotely access the web server which can be run from any internet browser Programmed in Java Back-End Web Server that enables secure access for clients to control the camera module Program to interface and control camera module with the network microcontroller

7 General Solution Statement Hardware Networked Microcontroller Configure Tini Operating System and enabled http server Install web server and custom camera software and web application. Camera module Initially test camera with commedia software. Test camera with custom C application Implement tini java code for camera module RS-232 transceiver Design and implement a serial interface between networked microcontroller and camera module

8 Project Specifications

9 Operating Environment Software Platform independent Client computer must support modern web browsers (internet explorer 6.0, firefox 1.5) Hardware Host computer must have a serial port to initially configure the microcontroller Camera Module must be able to withstand moderate vibration and seasonal temperature and humidity changes

10 Intended Users Person who would like to enhance level of security for their home. Small businesses that desire the same security/monitoring requirements that our system provides Intended Uses To remotely monitor a room or area.

11 Assumptions Device shall be easy to install, configure, and use User is familiar with operating a computer User will have a computer with a serial port and a network with continuous internet access. Home environment will comply with the specified operating environment

12 Limitations The number of camera modules is limited to 2 by the microcontroller interfaces. Server must be running on the microcontroller when the client desires to connect and control remotely Device response time is limited by the speed of the user’s Internet connection and the amount of connected users

13 Project Implementation

14 System Design

15 Web Browser - Client TINI Microcontroller Board running the Servertec Internet Server ( Internet TCP/IP Connection (Wired or Wireless) Static TCP/IP Connection (Wired RJ-45) C328-7640 JPEG Compression VGA Camera Module RS-232 Connection Ethernet 10/100 Controller Serial Driver Interface Data Flow & Block Diagram

16 Conclusion

17 End Product Description Installable software package Installation instructions User software Software Documentation Source Code Hardware DS80C400 network microcontroller C328-764 Camera Module Interface cables Power supply unit Installation instructions

18 Project Evaluation Identify possible designs to implement, and choose one fully met Hardware and software specifications fully met Code software by specification nearly met Design hardware fully met Test hardware and software nearly met Documentation fully met

19 Commercialization Production Costs $150 Selling price $180 Market: security conscience home and business owners

20 Recommendations for Additional Work Commercialization Additional work may include a facial recognition camera. Additional components could be a door sensor, motion detector, a house thermometer, etc.

21 Lessons Learned What went well Communication Teamwork What didn’t go well Project Integration was difficult Camera Problems – ( loses last data packet ) Technical knowledge gained network microcontroller capabilities Non-Technical knowledge gained Time management What to change Start Earlier

22 Problem and Problem Management Anticipated Problems Writing java code Integrating microcontroller with camera module Unanticipated Problems Team scheduling Finding parts Camera problems

23 Closing Summary Web Based Automation and Security A small and inexpensive autonomous home security system is a powerful application that is viable to many markets. This project gave our group an opportunity to work on a full cycle of a project from the first stage of development to building the final product.

24 Project Demonstration Web Based Automation Demo (click here)

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