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Dzemal bijedic university of mostar

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1 Dzemal bijedic university of mostar
Tempus project: Bosnia and Herzegovina Qualification Framework for Higher Education (BHQFHE) Kick-off meeting Sead Pasic, rector


3 Facts and Figures Founded in as a public higher education institution. One of 8 public universities in B&H, one of 6 public universities in F B&H, one of 2 in Mostar (Herzegovina). 5.500 students, 382 teachers, 180 full-time employed, 202 part-time associates, 57 administrative and technical stuff. 30 study programs in I cycle, 28 study progras in II cycle, traditional doctoral education. Today Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar consists of eight faculties: Agro Mediterranean Faculty Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Information Technologies Faculty of Economics Faculty of Civil Engineering Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Teacher-training Faculty Law Faculty University Library, Institutes, Centres, Campus ... Budget - 6 milion Euros: governmental participation - cca 21%. Located at University campus in northern part of the City of Mostar

4 Mission and Vision Our MISSION is to provide wide spectre of higher education and LLL services to the regional stakeholders, to focus on research excellence and local research opportunities, to cooperate with the society in general, to fulfill the needs and to promote scientific, cultural and educational heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our VISION is to develop small to medium size, flexible university striving to academic excellence with internationally adapted curricula recognizable regionally and internationally. We want to create new knowledge and technologies for the future needs, establish modern education methodology and multidisciplinary study programs, education for international market as well as to introduce international standards in education to boost local social development.

5 Team for project implementation
Person responsible for the management of the application (contact person): PhD. Vahida Zujo, associate professor at Faculty of Civil Engeneering, Vice-rector for scientific and educational issues Team members: PhD. Nina Bijedic, assistant profesor at at Faculty of Information Tecnology, Vice-rector for International and Inter-university Cooperation PhD. Dragi Tiro, associate professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering PhD. Azra Bajramovic, assistant profesor at Faculty of Economics Iris Memic, MA at Faculty of Information Tecnology

6 The role of Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar in project
In project implementation we will follow main and specific goals of the project, as stated in project application and/or agreed at Consortium meetings. Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar will take part in all of the activities: all Consortium meetings, mapping of the existing qualifications practice and development of methodology, establishment of Expert groups, study visits and workshops, developing and creating the Guidelines for BH Qualification Framework, drafting the Sectorial statements, assisting in organization and conducting of consultation process on Sectorial statements and Creating of Sectorial statements,

7 The role of Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar in project (2)
establishment of Working group and be responsible for the training of working group members, participation, creating and developing the Implementation model of study programs at University, testing implementation model through pilot activities on selected number of study programs reviewing and conducting QA mechanisms, be responsible for establishing Self-certification panel at institution and publishing Self-certification Report. ongoing internal quality control and monitoring.   organizing open door day at the University. administrative and Financial management of the project.

8 Our Motivation for Participation
One of values of this project for Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar is capacity building for implementation of Qualification Framework at our University. Within implementation of this project we will improve our connections with environment and economy in Herzegovina-neretva canton and even wider. Within this project we will improve our internal procedures for development of study programmes based on learning outcomes, and other institutional quality assurance policies. Constant development and improvement of the national qualifications framework, testing with self-certification in our difficult reality. This project is supporting our efforts in reform process, and challenges we are facing.

9 Skills and expertise in the Qualification Framework
Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar was partner in several projects regarding qualification framework, such as: Stregthening Higher Education (SHE) part I, II and III, where we participated in creation of several documents in this area, such as: matrix link 1st cycle to BiH qualification framework descriptors, model of qualification, model of modules, Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina" and the Strategy for its implementation (adopted by The Council of Ministers in 2007.). Within SHE III project we had opportunity to implement adopted documents at our 3 study programs at I cycle: economy, mechanical engeneering and English language and literature. More at: Tempus ESABIH project offer us possibility for pilot accreditation 4 study programs at I cycle: Law, English language and literature, Distance learning – Information technologies and Fruit-vineyard. For selfevaluation and accreditation of each program we applied Qualification framework in BiH, model of modules, model of qualification, descriptors, etc. More at

10 Skills and expertise in the Qualification Framework (2)
Knowledge gatherd in these and other projects we use for internal reform and activities: In procedure of creating new study programs at the University we have prescribed that it is necessary for every new study program to have descriptors, model of qualification and of module, competence matrix , etc. Transfer knowledge – our staff educated within different projects had several internal seminars and workshop on topics regarding Qualification framework in B&H and in Europe. We improved our quality assurance system by using adopted documents from qualification framework area by creating several procedures and documents at the Universty level.

11 Thank You for Your Attention
Prof. dr. Sead Pasic Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar University campus, Mostar, BiH

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