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Setting the Stage for War

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1 Setting the Stage for War
Ch. 18 Sec 1

2 Factors Fueling WWI Nationalism Imperialism
Various Ethnic groups wanted more political power. Several nationalities were ruled by a single regime. (Austria/Hungary) Imperialism Competition for control of Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

3 Factors Militarism The glorification of armed strength.
They thought that they could achieve goals through the threat or use of force. By late 1800’s, most nations built large armies. Nation had to be quick to mobilize Prepare its army for war. First modern battleship was launch in 1906(Dreadnought). Germany soon built similar ships.

4 System of Alliances The Triple Alliance
Bismarck fear of French revenge for losing the Alsace-Lorraine. Bismarck want to keep Franch diplomatically isolated. Keep the French and Russian from becoming Allies. 1881, Three Emperors’ League Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. Soon Fell apart. Rivalry between AH and Russia.

5 Alliances Bismarck had Italy join into an alliance with Germany and Aus/Hun. This isolated France and gave Germany some security for it borders. Agreed to remain neutral, if the others went to war.

6 Triple Entente France was trying to avoid isolation.
Fr. helped Russia out of a financial crisis. They signed an alliance in 1894. England soon felt pressured by German naval build-up and looked for an allies. In 1907, France, England and Russia signed the Triple Entente. Europe was divided into two camps

7 Balkan “Powder Keg” Serbia was an independent state.
It hoped to become larger, by controlling the areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aus/Hun annexed these two provinces. This angered the Serbs. Russia also supported the Serbians in its grievance. (Pan-Slavism). Great Britain was alarmed by Russian influence into this area. G.B. want to keep Russia out of the Mediterranean. But, it was more of a rival to the Germans. Russia and England signed a treaty.

8 The SPARK June 28, 1914. The heir the Aus/Hun throne, Francis Ferdinand visited Sarajevo. People in Sarajevo want to be with Bosnia. Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Arch duke. Some Serbian officals were implicated in the plot.

9 The Ultimatum Aus/Hun vowed to punish the Serbs.
They were afaid that russia would become involved. Aus/Hun made sure that Germany supported them. An ultimatum was sent to the Serbian government. If Serbia did not agree to all the terms of the Ultimatum, force might be used. Serbia agreed to all of the terms except for the last one. Serbia mobilized it troops. Aus/Hun declared war on Serbia. Russia sent troops to the Aus/Hun border to support Serbia. They also sent troops to the German border. Germany warned Russia not to mobilize troops on its border.

10 Let’s Get it ON!!!! Aug 1 1914, Germany declared war on Russia.
Since Russia was allied with France, Germany declared war on France. Germany moved to defeat France first. Germany marched into Belgium, Belgium signed a treaty not to help any belligerents, or warring countries. It agreed to stay neutral in any war. Britain demanded Germany honor treaty. Germany didn’t and Great Britain declared war on Germany.

11 Choosing up sides Japan entered the war on the side of the Allied Powers (GB, RUS, FR) Wanted to gain Germany colonies in Asia. Italy entered on the side of the allies. They signed a secret treaty with Allies. The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers (Ger, Aus/Hun). Didn’t like Russian influence in Balkans. Bulgaria joined the Central Powers.

12 How they Stood

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