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Conflict in Literature

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1 Conflict in Literature

2 Main Menu Internal Conflict External Conflict
Review (complete above sections first)

3 A struggle that takes place in a character's mind
Internal Conflict Definition: A struggle that takes place in a character's mind

4 Internal Conflict is … NOT visual or tangible (It can’t be seen or touched) a character dealing with his or her own mixed feelings or emotions.

5 Internal Conflict A character may have to decide between right and wrong, or between two solutions to a problem.

6 Type of Internal Conflict
Man vs. himself Internal conflict is referred to as man vs. himself since the struggle is inside one’s head.

7 Man vs. Himself Examples
A teen not knowing which college to attend A child wondering whether or not to tell her mom that she spilled juice on the carpet

8 Quiz Time Now you’re ready to take a quiz!

9 Internal Conflict Quiz
Question 1: Internal conflict is NOT: a. visible b. difficult c. serious

10 RIGHT!! GOOD JOB! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Question #2 Question #3 Main

11 Wrong Go back and review! Back To Beginning

12 Internal Conflict Quiz
Question 2: An example of Internal Conflict is: a. Mr. Smith battling the winter cold b. Jacob arguing with his parents about curfew c. Monica trying to decide if she should still be friends with Brittany

13 Internal Conflict Quiz
Question 3: Internal conflict is often referred to as: a. man vs. man b. man vs. himself c. man vs. external forces

14 External Conflict Definition: A struggle between a character and an outside force is an external conflict.

15 External Conflict The outside force may be another character, a community, or both. The outside force may also be forces of nature.

16 Types of External Conflicts
Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature

17 Man vs. Man Can be two characters against each other
Can be represented by a group of people. It does not have to be a physical confrontation; it can be a battle between two ideas.

18 Man vs. Man Examples Batman vs. the Joker
Two groups of students arguing over what the prom decorations should look like

19 Man vs. Nature Nature is defined as anything surrounding a person.
This can include weather, objects, activities. Basically anything external EXCEPT people.

20 Man vs. Nature Examples A fisherman vs. a horrible storm
A gardener vs. a dying garden A fisherman vs. a horrible storm A two-year-old vs. a locked door

21 External Conflict Now you’re ready to take a quiz!

22 External Conflict Quiz
Question 1: Which is NOT an example of external conflict? a. other characters b. forces of nature c. decisions

23 RIGHT! KEEP GOING! YOU’RE DOING GREAT! Question #2 Question #3
#4 Main Menu

24 Sorry. Try Again. Back up and review. Back to the Beginning

25 External Conflict Quiz
Question 2: One subcategory of external conflict is: a. man vs. man b. man vs. himself c. man vs. literature

26 External Conflict Quiz
Question 3: A man getting stuck in quicksand is an example of: a. man vs. mud b. man vs. nature c. man vs. supernatural

27 External Conflict Quiz
Question 4: A conflict cannot be categorized as man vs. man when: a. the struggle is with more than 1 character. b. there is a physical confrontation. c. the opposition is not human.

28 CONGRATULATIONS … You have completed this lesson! Back to Credits
Beginning Credits

29 Conflict Quick Review Internal Conflict External Conflict
MAN VS. HIMSELF MAN VS. MAN MAN VS. Nature *not tangible *other characters *any outside force *in the mind *not just physical altercations *anything in surroundings *decisions, feelings, emotions *opposing ideas *weather, objects, activities

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