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Persuasive Techniques in “The Crisis” by Thomas Paine

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1 Persuasive Techniques in “The Crisis” by Thomas Paine

2 Persuade by eliciting strong feelings (pity or fear)
Emotional Appeals

3 Emotional appeals

4 Appeals to the sense of right and wrong
“Those Soldiers who stand firm in the service of [their] country” deserve the “love and thanks of man and woman” (Paine lines 2-3) Ethical appeals

5 Appeals to association
Suggests the reader will be accepted or respected by agreeing Appeals to association

6 Cites experts or others who are to be respected
“God almighty will not give up a people to military destruction…” (Paine lines 23-24) Appeals to authority

7 Uses evidence and reasoning to persuade
Logical Appeals

8 “The Crisis” by Thomas paine
Pre reading scavenger hunt: Read page 248 What do you know about Thomas Paine? What was his tone in his writings? Who was his target audience? Who was General Washington? What is tyranny? “The Crisis” by Thomas paine

9 Thomas Paine’s speeches and essays were the equivalent of this:
The Motivator

10 Read and annotate the first paragraph of “The Crisis” on page 250.
Annotate means: Summarize the paragraph in margins Highlight and define words you don’t know Identify all loaded language Identify the tone of the paragraph Assignment

11 Assignment part deux Answer the following questions:
Whom does Paine thank in the opening? What does Paine say gives freedom its value? What words does Paine use to describe the actions of the British (diction)? What is implies by the terms “summer soldier” and “sunshine patriot” in the first paragraph? Identify the loaded words in the first paragraph. What emotional connotations do these words have? What is the tone of the entire paragraph? Assignment part deux

12 Assignment part trois Example from “The Crisis” Kind of Appeal
Emotional Appeal Ethical Appeal Appeal to Authority Appeal to Association Logical Appeal Assignment part trois Create a chart and answer number 6 on page 256

13 Study ALL THE NOTES for your test on October 2nd / 3rd.

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