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Section 3 – Basic Concepts of Democracy

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1 Section 3 – Basic Concepts of Democracy
Guiding Question – What are the basic concepts of democracy? Student Objectives: Understand the foundations of democracy. Analyze the connections between democracy and the free enterprise system.

2 Majority rule, minority rights
Democracy Majority rule, minority rights Compromise Individual freedom Equality Individual worth

3 Democracy Reflecting Ideal Falling Short
Majority Rule, Minority Rights Public space used for the common good Segregation Individual Freedom 1st Amendment Rights Patriot Act Compromise When Congress works When Congress doesn’t work Individual Worth Jobs training programs for unemployed Homeless living on the street Equality Access for disabled Wage disparity between men and women

4 Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Serving on a jury Serving as a witness when called Attending school Paying taxes Registering for the draft Obeying the laws Respecting the rights of others Voting Volunteering Participating in civic life Understanding the workings of our government

5 Voting is crucial in any democratic government.
Break into small groups and discuss: Should citizens be required by law to vote? Should voting eligibility be restricted? List some benefits and drawbacks to this idea. Chose someone to share your groups thoughts on the idea.

6 Democracy and the Free Enterprise System (aka Capitalism)
Private ownership of capital goods investments made by private decision, not government directive Success or failure determined by competition in the marketplace Four fundamental factors Private ownership Individual initiative Profit Competition

7 Chapter 1 Review Democracy / Dictatorship * Free Enterprise
Legislative Power * Autocracy Executive Power * Oligarchy Judicial Power * Divine Right Theory Federal Government * Evolutionary Theory Confederate Government * Force Theory Unitary Government * Social Contract Theory Presidential Government * Citizen Parliamentary Government * Politics

8 Chapter 1 Review Continued
Concepts of Democracy: Majority Rule/Minority Rights, Individual Worth, Equality, Individual Freedom, Compromise Purposes of Government: Form a more perfect union Establish justice Ensure domestic tranquility Provide for the common defense Promote the general welfare Secure the blessings of liberty Be able to discuss the importance of compromise in government. Be able to discuss the connection between democracy and the free enterprise system. Answer the Essential Question: Is government necessary? Why?

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