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Boy Scouts of America. The Changing Face of Philanthropy.

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1 Boy Scouts of America

2 The Changing Face of Philanthropy

3 What Kintera’s interactive technology is doing for the Boy Scouts Reconnect former Boy Scouts to Scouting (our alumni) – Engage visitors—make it easy for them to sign up, get involved, donate, and spread the word to others Capture and utilize data within your organization – Create a positive online donor experience – Ensure councils have access and use of alumni/supporter/volunteer information captured online – Track progress with extensive reporting Easily manage online content to keep it up-to-date – Personalize online details about your council – Share content between national and council/chapter sites

4 The Kintera / BSA partnership provides: Reconnect Web site at Individualized online fund-raising site for each council Online forms to reconnect former Scouts to you and spread the word to their friends Access to the online Kintera Sphere Database that captures and reports on all donations and reconnect activities specifically for your council Online e-mail communications tools to reach your donors and new volunteers connected via this program

5 Reconnecting with former Scouts 50-75 million living alumni We have no formal contact with many of these former members Internet may be an effective way to find and communicate with these “friends”

6 BSA Initiative: Reconnect with Scouting Goals – Identify and gain involvement (est. 50m) Involvement with local councils Bring in new donors and volunteers Merchandising, special info, and benefits to build affinity – Drive names and info to local councils through zip code locator Systematic process to use the info and reach out to former Scouts Ensure funds go to local councils Help local councils create communities

7 Gathering information Name, address, etc. Where they are today Personal Scouting history Call to action

8 Local council pages and links 10038

9 Localized council pages and links

10 Spread the Word Patented technology Widens BSA reach by enlisting your community Easy to use, non-technical interface Standard content or custom content

11 Information on Planned Giving

12 Online donations Secure environment Recurring gift capability Funds directly to local council

13 Localized online donations


15 Using the site Key site concepts – Online data capture immediately populates the council’s Kintera Sphere online database – Online donations are transferred via EFT into the council’s local bank account – All data is completely secure and can be downloaded locally at any time – Every council has extensive reporting on all data that is captured online – Every council can modify/personalize its own content on the site E-mail communications to those who reconnect Post volunteer opportunities online if desired

16 Latest statistics 16,000+ contact names in database $230,305 to date (12 months) – (Approx. $10,000 per year online prior years) $61,676 Hurricane Katrina relief $198,628 local councils

17 Telling the world Marketing the campaign: Kintera is helping with: – Media partners and publishing placements around the country – Online ads – Search engine optimization – Friends asking friends plus e-mail marketing Other avenues being pursued: – Banner ads – Boys’ Life/Scouting magazines – in for this summer – Local events for current Scouts and leaders

18 Publishing Partners

19 Telling the world Other avenues being pursued: – Banner ads (1500+ new contacts) – Boys’ Life/Scouting magazines – in for this summer – Local events for current Scouts and leaders

20 Reconnecting with former Scouts Offline marketing of the Web site – Placed by BSA in national and regional publication in fall 2005 and spring 2006 – Available for local placement – http://marketing.scouting. org http://marketing.scouting. org

21 Reconnecting with former Scouts Use current volunteers and donors to “Spread the Word” – E-mail – Council newsletter – Council Web site – Service Club presentations – Board members’ corporate newsletters – Local media/ PSA

22 Reconnect with former Scouts Electronic newsletters – Generated through Kintera – Free downloadable Web edit tool – Spam checker to ensure deliverability

23 Electronic newsletters Detailed reports – Successful e-mail – Opened e-mail – Trackable links – White listing

24 Additional feature E-greeting cards

25 Five things to do first 1. Secure your user name and password for login to Kintera (e- mailed to Scout executive last year; contact FSD to have it resent). 2. Personalize the thank-you letter for donors and set up a local contact for notification of new gifts. 3. Personalize the confirmation letter for contacts and set up a local contact for notification of new contacts. 4. Customize the content on the council mini site. Add a local logo or photo. Provide information on upcoming local events. 5. Learn how to run reports to get details on new contacts and donors. Go to and print out the tutorials to learn how to do all of the tasks listed above.

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