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The Abolition Movement

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1 The Abolition Movement
Chapter 8 Section 4

2 Early Opposition to Slavery
Movement to end slavery pitted North against South and brought Civil War Many such as Baptists supported Gradualism- end slavery gradually, stop bringing slaves in, then in North & South Slaveholders compensated for losses Time to adjust the Southern economy Colonization, ending slavery would not end racism so suggested sending to Africa

3 Early Opposition to Slavery
American Colonization Society, acquired and in West Africa, founded Liberia Not a workable solution because it was expensive, and African Americans did not want to go

4 The New Abolitionists Abolition, the idea that slaves should be freed immediately, w/o compensation Came from Second Great Awakening David Walker, African American minister said violence and rebellion only way to end slavery William Lloyd Garrison worked for an antislavery paper but frustrated by gradualist message, founded his own paper Liberator, advocated immediate emancipation Founded American Antislavery society in 1833

5 Other abolitionists Theodore Weld, disciple of Charles G. Finney
Arthur and Lewis Tappan, NYC Lucretia Mott, and southern sisters Sarah and Angelina Grimke Fredrick Douglass, former slave, good thinker and speaker, published own newspaper and autobiography. Sojourner Truth, Former Slave, speaking

6 Response to Abolitionism
In the North, some supported but other feared the consequences of abolition Economy fears, possibility of war Attacks against abolitionists, Elijah P. Lovejoy Did resent slave catchers and passed personal liberty laws IN the South slavery was viewed as a way of life, many people defended slavery saying it was a national benefit and that slaves didn’t want to be freed House of Reps passed gag rule

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