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Cloud Computing PRESENTED BY- Rajat Dixit (rd2392)

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1 Cloud Computing PRESENTED BY- Rajat Dixit (rd2392)

2 Overview What is cloud computing ? Why do we need ?
Understanding Cloud Computing Cloud computing services Advantages & Disadvantages Future! About my Research Area

3 Cloud Computing is Not About…
Working on your computer among the clouds… Providing Web in the clouds (in airplanes)…

4 A dynamic or instant way of using a service from the web site!
Cloud Computing is … A dynamic or instant way of using a service from the web site!

5 Why do we need Cloud Computing?
= YOU = Internet = Your Website = Your Company = Web Host (Dedicated Server

6 Why do we need Cloud Computing?
This is called HOSTING

7 Why do we need Cloud Computing?
And it keeps on growing… (And you keep on paying…)

8 Why do we need Cloud Computing?
At some point your website will not be able to handle so many connections… (Users would be unhappy)

9 Why do we need Cloud Computing?

10 Known Issues of Hosting
Hosting Takes a lot of time There is not enough computing power on a single dedicated server (so you need to buy space on more servers)- not good for your business You have to pay a lot You pay, even when your website is not being used

11 Better Idea = Cloud Computing
Take the computing power only when you need so that you don’t have to pay ALWAYS… (This is almost instant and fast)

12 Better Idea = Cloud Computing
=Servers that are known as “cloud servers” You do not need to configure servers physically to host anything, you can do that remotely and that too instantly And you don’t need too many servers at a time…

13 Understanding Cloud Computing
YOU You have access to computing power instantly…

14 Understanding Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing = Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) +Platform as a Service (PaaS) +Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Computing = Distributed Computing + Grid Computing + Utility Computing In Short, Cloud Computing = On Demand Computing

15 Understanding Cloud Computing
Client Computer is You There is a database storage (huge) Application Servers provide Services (different types of services) Control node allocates de-allocates the space dynamically

16 Understanding Cloud Computing
Application- For users; basically SaaS services ( s, etc); Predefined functions; Examples- Gmail, Hotmail, SalesForce and even online banking is an example Platform- Increased flexibility and control, still predefined functions, Examples- Google App Engine, Heroku, Mosso, Engine Yard, Joyent or Infrastructure- Full control, more features and services. Flexibility of modifying functionalities. Examples- Amazon’s EC2, GoGrid, RightScale and Linode. You may be charged!

17 Understanding Cloud Computing
SAAS- An application to customers for a software service on demand (application type softwares- e.g. Google Docs- word, excel, etc. and SAP Business ByDesign) PAAS- Can be called “Development Services” provided on demand. You still cant change the tools! Example- Google App Engine- Design your own apps! IAAS- Also called “platform virtualization environment”. Rather than purchasing servers, software, data center space or network equipment, clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service. A lot of work is going on. Microsoft, Amazon and Google are in the race!

18 Advantages & Disadvanages
+ Users can use complicated programs easily + Users can save data on supercomputes + Social Networking + Users can access their hardrive through the internet + Collaborate + Can Use and Post Multimedia + Small Business can compete with large companies - Relies totally on network connections (bandwidth limitation) - User don’t use hard drive (Capacity limitation) - Would take a long time in future to be available widely

19 My Research Areas Voice in the Cloud- Key to make voice and media work in cloud services Optimizing the cloud for enterprise class cloud computing Operating System on Clouds- Example- gOS from Google! Issues related with cloud computing on different platforms like mobile platforms (example Android and MacOS X) MOTIVATION- IEEE 2009 International Conference on Cloud Computing (In September 2009 at Bangalore, India)

20 gOS


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