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Andrew Tu, Matt Guarino, Brent Bachert. What it is  Drug  Depressant Slows down vital functions.

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1 Andrew Tu, Matt Guarino, Brent Bachert

2 What it is  Drug  Depressant Slows down vital functions

3 Where its Found  Produced by the fermentation of grains and fruits (we learned all this in bio….) Fermenting ○ Chemical process whereby yeast acts upon certain ingredients in food, creating alcohol

4 How Alcohol enters the Body  It is “drunk”

5 How you get “hooked”  Helps to remember good things  Forget bad things  Affects memory (erases worst memories being drunk)  Teens get addicted with “pressures” of life  Want to fit in  Escape or relax  Relieve boredom  To seem “grown-up”  To rebel  Experiment

6 History  In 1918, Alcohol was banned in the United States by the 18 th Amendment (AKA Prohibition)  Many people made fortunes selling moonshine (illegally made alcohol)  Eventually the 18 th Amendment was repealed by the 21st Amendment and alcohol was legal again

7 How it Works  Absorbed into the bloodstream Small blood vessels in walls of stomach/small intestine ○ 20% of alcohol absorbed through stomach ○ 80% of alcohol absorbed through small intestine  Within minutes  Travels to brain Slows reaction of nerves  Too much alcohol in blood Breathing slows Cause coma/death (no oxygen reaches brain)

8 Look Familiar?

9 Alcohol Content Drink% alcohol Beer2-6% Cider4-8% Wine8-20% Tequila40% Rum40+% Brandy40+% Gin40-47% Whiskey40-50% Vodka40-50% Liqueur15-60%

10 Street Names for being Drunk  Drunk  Wasted  Toasted  Blasted  Tipsy  Trashed  Sloshed  Stoned  Juiced  Intoxicated  Kegged  Hanging  Amped  Bombed

11 Dangers  Death Nearly 1,400 drunk-driving deaths yearly 31% of teen drivers killed on road resulted from drunk driving  Coma Not enough oxygen reaching brain

12 Binge Drinking  Practice of consuming large quantities of alcohol in a single sessions  Males 5+ drinks at a time  Females 4+ drinks at a time  90% of alcohol consumed by minors (underage of 21) is in form of binge drinking

13 Short term effects  Slows down vital functions  Slurred speech  Unsteady movement  Disturbed perceptions  Inability to react quickly  Inability to feel pain  Loss of coordination  Vomiting  Breathing difficulties  Drowsiness  Diarrhea

14 Short term effects cont.  Headaches  Blackouts  Unconsciousness  Upset stomach

15 Long term effects  Unintentional injuries Car crash Falls Burns Drowning  Intentional injuries Firearm injuries Sexual assault Domestic violence

16 Long term effects cont.  Increased family/relationship problems  Alcohol poisoning  High blood pressure/stroke/other heart related diseases  Liver disease  Nerve damage  Sexual problems  Permanent brain damage  Ulcers  Malnutrition  Caner in mouth and throat


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