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DRINKING, DRUGS & ALCOHOL NJ Chapter 6 and Drive Right Ch. 15.

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1 DRINKING, DRUGS & ALCOHOL NJ Chapter 6 and Drive Right Ch. 15

2 DUI, DWI….what’s the difference?  Driving under the influence(DUI) refers to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Different terms for this offense, including: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)  Some states make no distinction between the two.

3 Under the Influence  -DUI-driving while impaired (.08 or higher)  -DUI Fatality- a fatal crash in which the driver or pedestrian had a BAC of.08 in a police reported crash.  -BAC- Blood alcohol content; the level of alcohol present as a percentage in blood. -BAC-measured by chemical test that analyze your breath, blood, and urine. -Level of intoxication is determined by BAC reading.

4 Implied Consent  Implied Consent Law- By signing the back of the license, the driver has given consent to be tested for drugs or alcohol.  Refusal=driving BAC of.1% or higher for 1 st offense, loss of driving privileges between 7 months to 1 year.  21+= illegal.08%+  -21=illegal.01%+

5 Sober or Not??  Field Sobriety Test=on the spot roadside evaluation  Sobriety Check Points=Roadside safety checks  Open Container Laws=illegal to have any kind of open container of alcohol in vehicle unless in trunk.

6 Alcohol  Alcohol- can come in a variety of forms; beer, wine, and spirits(liquor).  Depressant- it affects the central nervous system as an anesthetic, lowering the activity of the brain.  It is not digested, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and carried to all parts of the body.  The brain is more immediately affected than any other organ because of the amount of blood it requires to function.

7 Effects of Alcohol for the Driver  Overconfidence  Make more mistakes  Increases chances of having accident.  Senses and judgment impaired  After 2-4 drinks…reaction, coordination, balance and vision are impaired.  Combo of anger and alcohol is responsible for reckless behavior that can result in aggressive driving…and lead to fatal accidents.

8 Chances of Causing an Accident…  With a BAC of:  A. Slightly above.05% your chances of causing an accident DOUBLES!!  B..10% your chances of causing an accident is 6 x’s as great!!  C..15% your chances are 25 x’s as great!!

9 Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.)

10 A drink is a drink is a drink  Who knows the alcohol content of the different beverages?  That is right, they are all the same:

11 Myths, Rumors & Lies….  Scenario: There is a party you or your friend has too much to drink. They want to go home, but you know that he/she should not be drinking. What are some ways you can sober them up??

12 Time is on my side  Time is only thing that can sober someone up!!

13 These are things police look out for…. What Does a Drunk Driver look like? Drunks think they can drive fast & safely Speeding Drunks can not keep their car in a straight line Weaving Drunk is overly cautious Slow Driving Drunk has mental Lapses Jerking Motions Stops are sudden at lights and signs Quick stops

14 It’s all about being a GOOD host

15 ID Please……  Consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is ILLEGAL!  A person under 21 who drinks alcohol, then drives with a BAC of.01% or more,  7 months to 1 year driving loss  $300-$500 fine  12-48 hours at IDRC - $75/day fee  Up to 30 days prison  $100 Drunk Driving Fund/AERE Fund  $1000 annual ins. surcharge for 3 years  $75 safe neighborhood services fund fee Get used to this:

16 Drunk driving penalties in other countries  Australia-the names of the drivers are sent to the local newspapers and are printed under the heading “He’s Drunk and in Jail”.  Malaysia- the driver is jailed and if married, his spouse is jailed too.  South Africa-a 10 year prison sentence and the equivalent of a $10,000 fine.  Turkey-drunk drivers are taken 20 miles outside of town by police and are forced to walk back under escort.  Norway-3 weeks in jail at hard labor, one year of loss of license, 2 nd offense within 5 years=license revoked for life.  Russia-license revoked for life.  France-3 year loss of license, one year in jail and $1,000 fine.  Poland-jail, fined, and forced to attend political lectures.  Bulgaria-a second conviction results in execution.  El Salvador-your first offense is your last-execution by firing squad.

17 Legal & Illegal Drugs

18 Legal & Illegal Drug (cont.)  Helpful tips:  Always read the labels of all drugs before driving  Do not mix your medications  Ask your doctor how some medication with react DO NOT drive if medications say not to

19 Marijuana and Driving??  1. Loss of tracking ability…keeping car in lines.  2. Distance judgement…follow too closely.  3. Vigilance…cannot concentrate on driving task.  4. Divided attention…focuses on one aspect of driving rather than all aspects of driving.

20 Drunk drivers victims car

21 The drunk drivers car


23 Jaqueline (Before victim of drunk driving accident)

24 Jaqueline (After)

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