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Tampa Alcohol Coalition: Changing Alcohol Norms Ellen Snelling, M.S. Co-chair, Tampa Alcohol Coalition.

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1 Tampa Alcohol Coalition: Changing Alcohol Norms Ellen Snelling, M.S. Co-chair, Tampa Alcohol Coalition

2 History of TAC Started as a committee of the Hillsborough County Anti Drug Alliance in 2001 Concerns about underage drinking in Ybor City and high rate of alcohol-related crashes Hillsborough County was #1 in the state for alcohol-related crashes, injuries and fatalities TAC grew from 5 members in 2001 to over 100 in 2006

3 Tampa Alcohol Coalition Over 100 members: Courts Law enforcement Schools Universities and colleges Parents Students Businesses Prevention and treatment agencies MADD

4 Mission: Prevent Underage and Other High-Risk Drinking TAC Committees Law Enforcement DUI checkpoints, compliance checks,.02 violations, Fake ID, Responsible Vendor Education/ Media Alcohol awareness events, collaboration with universities and schools, media: PSAs, news stories, billboards; TAC web site, environmental prevention training Policy Local ordinances, state laws, school policy

5 Hillsborough County Sheriff’s DUI and Underage Drinking Law Enforcement 7,134 DUI arrests made in Hillsborough County in 2005 #1 in the State in DUI arrests

6 DUI arrests- 18 to 20 year olds in Hillsborough County 18 to 20 year olds made up 4.6% of the licensed drivers, but comprised 7.6% of DUI arrests and 12.8% of the drinking drivers in alcohol-related crashes (HCSO)

7 Hillsborough County.02 Violations 10.02 driving violations in 2004 79.02 violations in 2005 Increase due to Operation Teen Angel GIS map made by HCSO Crime Analysis Dept.

8 HCSO Responsible Vendor- Last Drink Survey Persons arrested for DUI are asked where they were drinking. Data is recorded- law enforcement investigates problem bars. HCSO Deputy offers resources such as training and safe rides.

9 Hillsborough County’s 3 Pronged DUI Initiative Enforcement- BATmobile, sobriety checkpoints, saturations Prosecution- State Attorneys Office has a dedicated DUI prosecutor Treatment- for multiple DUI offenders at Tampa Crossroads TRIAD

10 Beverage Distributors Pepin and JJ Taylor are members of TAC Designated Driver programs TIPS Training Alert Cab and Tow to Go Underage drinking education materials Signs in convenience stores- check IDs, don’t sell to underage

11 DUI Education for Offenders DUI Counterattack Level I 12 hours of instruction Level II 21 hours of instruction Both levels include a substance abuse eval MADD Victim Impact Panel

12 Alcohol-Related Fatalities Hillsborough County alcohol fatalities declined 25% since 2002 Note: Data obtained from Florida DHSMV.

13 Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco SUDS: Stop Underage Drinking and Sales, Florida Hotline 1-866-540-SUDS Compliance checks and underage drinking operations ABT conducts alcohol source investigations of underage DUIs and DUI crashes (ICARE) ABT agents collaborate with coalition, MADD, schools, other law enforcement agencies and universities TAC members observe ABT agents during underage operations

14 Ybor City Entertainment District Ybor City entertainment district red area on GIS map (highest bar density- 87 liquor licenses within a few blocks) Most bars allow ages 18+ Many “Drink Specials” offered Ybor has highest underage drinking arrests in the city High in assaults and drug arrests GIS map by Dr. Richard Scribner

15 Tampa Police Department Undercover TPD officers and Alcoholic Beverage agents conduct compliance checks and underage drinking operations in Ybor City TPD patrols Ybor parking lots and alleys for drinkers Investigate party buses from universities Conduct DUI operations in and around Ybor Collaborate with universities, ABT and coalition

16 City of Tampa Underage Drinking Arrests 2005 313 total underage drinking arrests in Tampa 269 (86%) underage drinking arrests in District 3, mainly in Ybor City reference: TPD Crime Analysis

17 Underage Drinking Data Source- 2005 YRBSS Survey of high school students- behaviors in past 30 days

18 Student Education Law enforcement, TAC, treatment agencies and MADD collaborate to conduct educational events in schools for fall orientations and prior to homecoming, proms and graduations Conduct mock impaired driving crashes, BATmobile display and use DUI simulator at schools, impaired driving education in all Driver’s Ed classes TAC website has resources for students Youth Activist trainings- sticker shock, media training and community activities USF, UT and HCC provide binge drinking and DUI prevention education for college students

19 Mock Crash at Blake High School

20 Campaign to Stop Sales to Underage New campaign designed to educate sales clerks and store management Goal is to prevent alcohol sales to underage persons Signs to be placed in retail establishments in Tampa Based on Ft. Lauderdale’s underage drinking law enforcement campaign

21 Parent Education “Celebrate Safe” newsletter developed by the Mendez Foundation sent to school principals to distribute to parents TAC offers seminars to community: “Alcohol and the Adolescent Brain” presented by Dr. Aaron White, July 2006 Media- “Plugged In” newspaper supplement; Keys to be Drug Free” underage drinking PSAs developed for print, radio, web and TV; Segment about underage drinking on local TV variety show, Billboards Underage Drinking Town Meeting Exhibits at community heath fairs and school events Parent resources on website

22 Keys to Be Drug Free Print Ad

23 Underage Drinking Billboard

24 Local Policies: Restrict Drink Specials and Age 21 to Enter Bars TAC promotes restricting cheap drink specials, changing bar entrance age from 18 to 21 & earlier bar closing time Conduct annual SurveyUSA telephone opinion survey on alcohol policies and provide results to policy makers Collect data- to help promote research based policy TAC meets with city officials, police department and universities about college drinking problems and policy Past policy success: Child Protection Ordinance in Ybor (persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in Ybor after 11 PM on Thurs., Fri. and Sat. nights)

25 2006 SurveyUSA Alcohol Opinion Survey 71% support age 21 to enter a bar 62% support restricting drink specials 75% against alcohol advertising on campus 68% support changing bar closing time to 2 AM Telephone survey of 500 adults in Tampa Bay

26 Do you think the age to get into Florida bars and clubs should be raised from 18 to 21? Source: SurveyUSA Alcohol Opinion Surveys

27 GIS Maps to Promote Policy Change

28 Greenery Pub- Bar Near USF Campus Jan 2006, Greenery Pub requests expansion Pub markets to USF students, features cheap drink specials TAC supported homeowners group effort to stop bar expansion Homeowners presented crime data, testimony, video outside of Pub May 2006, County Commission denied expansion

29 Cheap Drink Promotions Drink Special flyers promoting free and cheap drinks are distributed by bars to college students- in dorm rooms and on car windshields

30 How a Coalition Stopped an Irresponsible Radio Program- Drunk Bitch Friday Drunk Bitch Friday was a radio program featuring women drinking. DBF was part of the nationally syndicated Lex and Terry Morning Show, featured on 25 radio stations.

31 “Chug, Chug, Chug, Drunk Bitch, Drunk Bitch, Drunk Bitch” Show host Lex gave DB Charlee beer through a beer bong during a DBF broadcast and photos were posted on Lex and Terry website. Women drank on the show until they got drunk. Some threw up. Some passed out.

32 Tampa Alcohol Coalition Website Contact: Ellen Snelling

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