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Dude, Where’s My Transition Plan? By: Family Voices of Tennessee.

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1 Dude, Where’s My Transition Plan? By: Family Voices of Tennessee

2 ∗ Responsibilities ∗ Transition ∗ IEP ∗ Self-Directed Services/Advocacy ∗ Support Systems ∗ Student’s Advice ∗ $$/Transportation/Housing ∗ Pop Quiz Session Overview

3 ∗ We serve parents, youth, family members, and professionals who have children with special health care needs ∗ Assist families as they navigate public/private health systems ∗ Educate families to access services, resources and supports ∗ Work with/train health providers and other professionals ∗ At the 2012 F2F grantee meeting we discovered each had a piece of the transition process; TN= Adult section, KY=Youth piece. ∗ Collaboration made sense ∗ “Dude, where is My Transition Plan” was born! Who’s on first?

4 ∗ Each state interviewed “transitioning aged youths” ∗ We learned most youths are not prepared for Transition ∗ We learned youth need more help with Transitioning to Adulthood ∗ “How could we improve the process of transition?” ∗ “Needed hands on experiences” Are You Talking to Me?

5 Yeah, I’m Talking to You!

6 ∗ Start at an early age ∗ Each child may differ ∗ Responsibilities change as the child gets older ∗ Youth should be included in decision making ∗ Including health care and education ∗ Does your youth know what they are responsible for once they turn 18? So Many Responsibilities…So Little Time!

7 ∗ As you grow, so will your doctors! ∗ Where does my specialist fit in ∗ Finding a doctor that meets my needs AND covers my health plan Affordable Care Act…does that affect me?

8 Health Care

9 ∗ It’s about Civil Rights ∗ Protects you from being discriminated against due to your disability. Knowledge of Rights Under the ADA (American with Disabilities Act)

10 ∗ The ADA requires health care providers to provide individuals with disabilities: ∗ full and equal access to their health care services and facilities. ∗ reasonable modifications to policies, practices, and procedures ADA and Health Care Providers

11 ∗ an accessible exam table or a patient lift ∗ enough trained staff available who can assist you to transfer ∗ a qualified interpreter ∗ written materials ∗ assistive listening devices Examples of Health Care Provider Accommodations

12 ∗ It’s a change ∗ It’s exciting, yet a little scary What is “Transition”

13 ∗ ∗ Parents and teachers talk about transition planning. What is that? ∗ It’s a plan, that involves the whole team ∗ When should transition planning begin? Make a New Plan, Stan

14 ∗ Your Individualized Education Program (IEP) is like a road. ∗ “Individualized” means about you. ∗ It’s important to pay attention to your IEP. ∗ Ask your teacher about a “Self- Directed IEP”. What does my “IEP” have to do with transition planning?

15 ∗ You (the youth) are in charge of the services you get. ∗ Important thing to know: can’t happen w/o self- determination and self- advocacy. ∗ What are Self- Determination & Self- Advocacy? ∗ How can I learn to advocate for myself? What are Self-Directed Services and Self Advocacy?

16 Check it out…

17 ∗ Doing things you haven’t done before ∗ But you don’t have to do it alone ∗ The kinds of supports we need may change ∗ Often we use more than one support at a time ∗ Supports differ from person to person What do people mean when they talk about “supports?”

18 ∗ Advice from other students ∗ Students listen to other students ∗ Here’s what they say: What’s the word? Start early Actively Participate Ask ?s Learn about Resources Learn Independent Living skills Learn to Drive/use public transportation Set goals

19 ∗ Services available after high school may not be the same services during high school. ∗ You will have to locate new services and provide information that you qualify for those services. After High School, the Rules Change

20 Let’s Compare:

21 ∗ Do you have a budget (or know what a budget is)? ∗ What’s a “money mentor”? ∗ Who could you ask to be your “money mentor” ∗ Other possibilities ∗ Business owners ∗ Neighbor ∗ teacher Money Matters

22 ∗ Where do you want to call home? ∗ It’s not just “where you live” ∗ What other choices are available besides living with my parents? ∗ Renting ∗ Roommates ∗ Independent living program ∗ There’s No Place Like Home

23 ∗ How do you get from one place to another? ∗ What are your transportation options? Easy Rider

24 ∗ So, now what? Don’t Just Stand There, Bust a Move!

25 ∗ Complete quiz ∗ Discuss answers Pop Quiz

26 Questions?

27 ∗ A special thank you to the Kentucky Family-to-Family Health Information Center for collaborating with us on this project. Thank you…

28 Belinda Hotchkiss Family Voices Director Tennessee Disability Coalition 615.383.9442 Toll Free: 1.888.643.7811Free: 1.888.643.7811 Tonya Bowman Middle TN Parent Navigator/Newborn Hearing Parent Consultant

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