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Communities In Schools of Delaware Empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life.

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1 Communities In Schools of Delaware Empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life

2 The CIS Model of Integrated Student Services 2

3 3 Integrated Student Services: A Critical Element of Successful Public Education In the classroom Education Management Integrated Student Services Successful Public Education

4 Communities In Schools Impact Early Childhood Grades K - 5 Grades 6 - 8 Grades 9 - 12 Higher Education & Certification Employment Communities In Schools Plays a Vital Role in Empowering Students Communities In Schools has proven results in 4 th and 8 th grade math and reading scores, promotion, high school graduation, and keeping kids in school. Affiliates across the country also support students throughout the cradle to career pipeline. 4 Grad Nation Continuum Health Care Access, Preschool Enrollment 4 th Grade Reading, Common Core Standards Transition Support, 8 th Grade Math & Science, Out- Of-School Time Participation Transition Support, Promotion from 9 th to 10 th Grade, High School Graduation, Youth Service Minimum 2 Years Post- secondary, Youth Service National Indicators of Academic Achievement and Youth Success

5 CIS Network Theory of Change 5 CIS Network Key Stakeholders (Power, Authority, Community) Widely accessible prevention and intervention services Evidence-Based Integrated Student Services based on assessed student and school needs Positive outcomes for school Targeted and sustained individual student interventions Positive student outcomes Permanent institutional change Supports And Convenes Coordinate services and resources in public school setting guided by the “Five Basics” Sustainable nonprofit organizations with expertise in providing integrated students support services The CIS Model Appropriately balanced and integrated for maximum effectiveness Significant reduction in dropout rates StrategyCIS ModelOutcomesImpact

6 Students Served by CIS of Delaware 10,000 students 7,500 Level I 960 Level II 84% racial minorities More than 60% Free and Reduced Lunch 6 CISDE Students

7 CIS Brokered and Provided Services 7

8 8 STUDENT GOAL IMPROVEMENTS 70% met attendance goals 80% met behavior improvement goals 70% met academic improvement goals 86% met improvement in educational commitment goals STUDENT IMPROVEMENTS 85% were promoted to the next grade 99% Stayed in School 96% of seniors graduated 81% of seniors went on to postsecondary education CIS is Proven Successful COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 75 Community Partners 605 Volunteers 7,995 Volunteer Hours 2012-2013 End of the Year Reportport

9 The Impact of CIS of DE: The Results 9 The present net value of Communities in Schools of DE is $20,562,089. The average annual rate of return to society is 19.6%. Imagine earning this kind of return on your personal savings account! The benefit cost (B/C) ratio is 12.5, meaning that every $1 invested in CIS of DE creates $12.50 of economic benefit for the community. Graduates will, on average, have returned the investment made in them by the time they are 26 years old, and will be net contributors to the economy for the rest of their working lives. CIS Is a Uniquely Beneficial Investment

10 History of Public & Private Support 10 Delaware General Assembly Grant In Aid

11 11 Marketing and Public Relations Managing and Developing CIS Sites Data Collection, Evaluation and Reporting The Big Picture Community and Partnership Operating in 3 counties 2 affiliates (Wilmington, State of Delaware) 7 school districts 14 Schools 75 partners CISDE generated $1.6 million dollars in support from public and private sector 605 volunteers served 7,995 hours (valued over $200,000) 17 full time employed and repositioned staff 5 AmeriCorps and Public Allies OJJDP Federal Grant Return on Investment study yielded very positive results AT&T Aspire Reward of $300,000 to go deeper in our work CIS listed in Chronicle of Philanthropy’s “Social Impact 100 Index” Joint Americorp grant with Connecting Generations to support School mentoring Served 14 Schools: 2 elementary schools 2 middle schools 6 high schools 2 combined schools 2 Afterschool Programs Access to 10,000 students 960 of these with intensive supports) Engaged 900 parents and guardians Service Learning Mentoring College Readiness Life Skills Basic Needs Physical and Mental Health 96% of monitored seniors graduated Of 960 students monitored: 99% stayed in school 70% increased academically 80% were promoted to the next grade 80% behaved better after services 70% met attendance goals 86% met Attitude commitment goals Providing / Brokering Quality Youth Programming Service Resource Development

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