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Pacific Parliamentary Assembly on Population and Development (PPAPD) & Forum Presiding Officers and Clerks (FPOC)

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1 Pacific Parliamentary Assembly on Population and Development (PPAPD) & Forum Presiding Officers and Clerks (FPOC)

2 2 PPAPD/FPOC PPAPD secretariat VanuatuCooksFSMFijiKiribatiNauruNiuePNGMarshalsSamoaSolomonsTongaTuvaluNZAust

3 Background - PPAPD PPAPD is a body established in 1997 by and for Pacific parliamentarians to mainstream population and development issues into the work and role of Pacific parliamentarians.

4 Background - FPOC By 2000, there had been a decline in the capacity of Forum members to uphold the principles of good governance Legislative needs assessments conducted in eight FICs had highlighted that FIC legislatures did not play a substantial role in promoting good governance practices. Forum Speakers during the Regional Conference on Governance for MPs in Nadi in April 2000, agreed to establish the Pacific Islands Speakers Forum In 2002, there was a name change to Forum Presiding Officers Conference (FPOC) before it was decided in 2005 to also include Clerks (FPOCC) Delegates at the recent Honiara meeting agreed that the body be referred to as the Forum Presiding Officers and Clerks (FPOC)

5 Objective FPOC to be used as a mechanism to discuss ways in which FIC Legislatures could improve the quality of governance in the region within the framework of Parliamentary democracy.

6 Why Parliamentarians? Well positioned to strongly advocate and lobby National leaders and have the mandate and public trust to act Authority to promote and endorse Are selected by people to represent them They inherit a responsibility to urge action that benefits people and nations.

7 Functions of the Secretariat To provide administrative, technical support and communication services for the PPAPD and FPOCC; To facilitate regional meetings and inter-agency work of PPAPD and FPOCC; To report to the Executive Committee, Partner Agencies and Members on implementation of the PPAPD and FPOCC Work Programmes; To produce and disseminate reports and resource materials of PPAPD and FPOCC and partner agencies; To promote the establishment and maintenance of collaborative and partnership approaches to implementing the PPAPD and FPOCC Work Programmes; To guide the resource development initiatives of PPAPD and FPOCC including fundraising and initiating of joint project proposals; To provide information clearing-house services such as establishment and maintenance of a directory of Pacific Parliamentarians; production and distribution of the PPAPD-FPOCC Chronicle; and ongoing maintenance of the PPAPD and FPOCC Website.

8 Activities - 2009 Facilitate provision of technical support and mentoring opportunities to national legislatures, upon request (from Secretariat and/or other partners) Scope options for regional and sub-regional options for strengthening parliamentary information, research and training services, submit recommendations and implement, as directed Develop roster of Pacific parliamentary trainers Work with development partners to facilitate access to relevant specialist regional training programmes for MPs and Legislative Staff, including in areas such as P&D, accountability and legislative strengthening Develop template Induction Programmes for legislators, to be developed and implemented in collaboration with development partners

9 Activities 2009.........cont Develop and maintain database of Pacific Parliamentarians and upload onto website Develop FPOC/PPAPD website as a tool for sharing information between parliaments and partners and coordinating assistance Publish Quarterly PPAPD-FPOCC Chronicle newsletter Production and/or dissemination of Governance and Legislative Strengthening knowledge products (including products of partners) Supporting National Youth Parliaments leading up to the first Pacific Youth Parliament in 2010

10 Honiara Communique Exploring initiatives to support Pacific Legislatures Future Legislative Needs Assessments integrate, as appropriate, relevant international benchmarks/indicators for legislatures. The Secretariat work with the UNDP Pacific Centre and other partners to explore the development of specific Pacific indicators/benchmarks for legislatures. Establishment of Parliamentary Groups on Population and Development

11 Objectives : Support key population and development issues; Utilising the legislative processes to tackle priority P & D issues through Question time and in Committees Using parliamentary processes to help shape national policy by facilitating informed debate and sharing of information on P & D – eg HIV/AIDS

12 PPAPD Experiences Parliamentarians: - prominent and ambitious (3 Kinds)- middle level – interested - no interest – travel only What They Need: Evidence-based information Guidance to act Support system to action (National Parliamentary Committee with staff support)

13 Conclusion PPAPD/FPOC is a powerful partner to support and advocate for parliamentarians: Linkage with Parliamentary Groups on Population & Development (role of parliament/participation in lawmaking process/P & D issues) Linkage with other parliamentary bodies and associations (CPA, IPU, AFPPD, CDI, CPA Education Trust Fund – Australia) 13

14 Vinaka vakalevu

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