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Recruitment- techniques sources, process.

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1 Recruitment- techniques sources, process

2 RECRUITMENT Recruitment is the process of locating and encouraging potential applicants to apply for existing or anticipated job openings. Is the process of finding & attracting capable applicants for employment. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected.

3 Is stimulating them to apply for jobs in the org
Is stimulating them to apply for jobs in the org. It makes possible to acquire the no. & types of people necessary to ensure the continued operation of the org.

4 factors governing recruitment
The process of recruitment is influenced by a variety of environmental factors. supply & demand unemployment rate labour mkt. Politico-social factors sons of soil image of the co. recruitment policy HRP Size of the firm cost Growth & expansion recruitment The Factories Act, The Apprentices Act, The Employment Exchanges Act, The Contract Labour Act,Bonded Labour System Act,The Child Labour(prohibition & regulation) Act ,inter state migrant workmen (regulation of employement & conditions of service) Act

5 RECRUITMENT PROCESS HR policy Job analysis Employee requisition
To selection Job vacancies Recruitment Planning -nos. -types Searching Activation “selling” --message --media Applicant pool Potential hires screening Strategy Development --where --how --when Applicant population Evaluation & control

6 Recruitment planning of applicants to be contacted Number Org.s. plan to attract more applicants than they will need Types Depends on tasks & responsibilities involved & qualification & experience expected--- Available through job description & job specification

7 Strategy Development make or buy employees Thru trg. from within or take less qualifies & train accordingly Hire professionals / trained people technological sophistication --- methods used in recruitment/selection --- use of computers—can scan national / international applicants where to look—local mkt/national level/international level

8 Methods or Sources of Recruitment
How to look Methods or Sources of Recruitment internal sources external sources.

9 Internal Present employees Promotions and transfers Job posting: It is a method of publicizing job openings on bulletin boards, electronic media and similar outlets by a company

10 . Employee referrals: It is a kind of recommendation from a current employee regarding a job applicant. Former employees Dependents of deceased/disabled employees retrenched/ retired employee Casual/ temporary employee

11 -professional or trade association -placement agencies
External Sources -professional or trade association -placement agencies these publish trade journals/ magazines -advertisements -Employee exchange -campus recruitment -walk ins Want ads—describe the job/ benefit/ employer Blind ad—no identification of org.s. post box no.

12 -consultants -contractors -displaced persons rehabilitating the displaced people is a social responsibility of business. -acquisitions & mergers when org.s combine ,they have to handle a pool of employees -competitors--rival firms can be a source of recruitment Also called poaching/raiding—identifying the rt.

13 people in co.s. & offering them better terms & luring them away.
-computer data bank -casual applicants—depending upon the image of the org, candidates hand over applications or just send an -trade unions TU leaders being close to mgmt People come & meet them

14 -scouting sending representative of the org.s to various sources to stimulate them to apply . Representatives provide information about the co. etc --e-recruitment .

15 Methods means by which org. establishes contact with potential candidates ,provides them necessary information & encourages them to apply for jobs Sources—locations where prospective employees are available Methods– ways of establishing links with the prospective employees.

16 DIRECT METHODS Scouting employee contacts, waiting lists manned exhibits (sending recruiters to seminars ,conventions, fairs , using mobile offices) Campus recruitment

17 INDIRECT METHODS Newspaper advertisements television and radio advertisements, in journals, magazines, brochures

18 Third party methods –agencies used to recruit HR
Private employment search firms Employment exchanges Gate hiring and contractors Unsolicited applicants/walk-ins Internet recruiting Friends & relatives of existing staff Trade unions

19 Alternatives to recruiting
Overtime Temporary employees Employee leasing: Hiring permanent employees of another company who possess certain specialised skills on lease basis to meet short-term requirements Outsourcing

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