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Blended Learning Rubric BMS Faculty Meeting – September 10.

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1 Blended Learning Rubric BMS Faculty Meeting – September 10

2 Agenda 2 Learning Target I can use the Blended Learning Rubric to identify my skill sets and opportunities for growth in terms of implementation of blended learning instruction. Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD Purpose: Blended Learning Rubric is designed to help teachers : Set goals in individual classrooms and across the school To identify areas of strength and for development in BL classrooms To measure progress in implementing BL, semester by semester and year by year Assumptions: The BL Rubric is a supplement, not a replacement, to your existing teacher rubric Language is intentionally broad to provide room for interpretation and innovation. NOT Evaluative, but reflective. Helps support/supplement your NC Teacher Evaluation

3 Which IMPACT Goals Are We Working on Today?

4 Where Are We On the IMPACT Timeline? December 2014 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 Fully implement blended learning in ELA and Math Focus on ELA and implement blended learning in Humanities Focus on Math and implement blended learning in areas with achievement gaps Fully implement blended learning across all subject areas Laying the foundation

5 Blended Learning Rubric: Design Principles 5 Core Principles of Effective Blended Classrooms Adopt instructional delivery models that maximize small group or one-on-one time with students to deliver more personalized interaction. Incorporate differentiation into all facets of instructional practice to create a more student-centered learning experience. (e.g. management, planning, assessment, instruction). Leverage digital content and assessments to help measure students' true level of academic proficiency. Support students' ability to learn, grow, and function independently from the teacher to achieve their personal academic goals. Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD

6 Developing Your Blended Learning Competencies 6 Traditional Teaching Practices Blended Teaching Practices (Enhanced) Small group instruction Differentiation Data driven decision-making Understand and integrate digital content into course Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness Engage parents and students Create blended learning routines and expectations Instill digital ethics Manage technology effectively Manage multiple learning paths Assess content mastery Create a culture of resilience, self-advocacy Manage student behavior Plan and deliver coherent instruction Create a culture of respect and achievement Demonstrate content knowledge Track academic goals (Unchanged) (New) Ask questions and check for understanding Facilitate collaborative learning

7 Blended Learning Rubric 7 Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD BL Rubric Proficiency Levels BeginnerDisplays a basic level of understanding of the strand but is inconsistent in execution IntermediateExecutes components of the strand in accordance with how they were trained and does so with observable consistency ProficientConsistently executes the strand and customizes their practices to address the unique needs of each class and/or subject AdvancedUtilizes advanced tools and processes to elevate their execution of the strand with ease and effectiveness

8 Blended Learning Rubric: Domains 8 BL Rubric I. BL Classroom Culture II. BL Management IV. BL Assessment and Analysis V. Blended Classroom Technology III. BL Planning and Delivery Develops a culture that values the intention of a BL classroom and the personal responsibility it requires Creates systems and routines that maintain an effective Blended Learning environment Designs a digitally blended curriculum that supports student-centered instruction Measures and analyzes students' academic performance using multiple offline and online data sources Adopts technology solutions that improve the effectiveness of a Blended Classroom Domains:Description Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD

9 BL Rubric Tools 9 Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD

10 Rubric Results as Basis for Planning PD 10 Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD

11 Exploring Domains I and II 11 Instructions: (10-15 min exercise) 1.View the Domain and Strand assigned to your group 2.Brainstorm and discuss classroom methods which could be used to demonstrate proficiency for that strand 3.Use the Google doc to capture your ideasGoogle doc 4.Group Share Out Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD

12 Next Steps 12 Self-Evaluation – Will be active this week. I will keep you informed. Next steps – Our next PD is Oct. 2 nd – ERPD (*school based) – Device Selection Pilot Program (more info to come…) PD Dates: Saturday, Oct. 5 th and Saturday, Oct. 19 th Education Elements, Inc. | BMS PD

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