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Pan Boricua must decide whether to expand, stay in markets where they are weak, and/or expand to other markets in the United States.

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2 Pan Boricua must decide whether to expand, stay in markets where they are weak, and/or expand to other markets in the United States.

3 Supplier Power Buyer Power Competitive Rivalry Threat of Substitution Threat of New Entry -High differentiation of inputs -Low supplier power -Moderate supplier concentration -Low costs to total purchases in industry -High volume -High buyer power -High concentration (niche market) -High price sensitivity -High product differences -High threat of substitution -High variety of substitutes -Low switching costs -High access to inputs -Moderate threat of new entry -Low capital requirements -Moderate regulation -Moderate brand identity -Low profit margins -High variety of product -High competitive rivalry -High concentration of competitors -High amount of distributors Analysis

4  Potential Growth 2010201520202025 Hispanic Population (million) 49,87256,83664,203.72,142 Hispanic Consumer Spending (billion) 1,0381,4952,1553,060 Average Annual Growth of Hispanic Consumer Spending 7.7%7.6% 7.3% PE S TLE Analysis

5  Hispanics spend 43% more on food than non- Hispanics  Hispanics spend more than 30% of food money on specialty shops such as bakeries  Hispanics take and average of 26 trips to the store a month  Food plays a large part in family traditions PE S TLE Analysis

6 Strengths Exclusive exportation rights with a leading producer* Quality product No competition agreement with Mi Pueblo supermarkets Already established in large market *distinctive competence in this area Weaknesses Weak brand image Dependent on distributors Limited exposure in the United States Opportunities Expansion of offerings Increase in Hispanic population Specialized product Threats New entrants into the market Rising transportation costs Growth in Hispanic bakeries Niche market Analysis

7 1. Stay in current markets (weak and strong) 2. Explore new markets while revamping current market 3. Merger with Mi Pan 4. Replicate Mi Pan business plan Alternatives

8  Positives  Already Established ▪ Distributors ▪ Brand Image  Low Cost  Negatives  Little growth potential  Weak markets consume resources with low margins  Competitors reach other markets Analysis

9  Positives  High Growth Potential  Spread Brand Recognition  Negatives  Costly  Chance of failure in New Markets  No change in weak markets Analysis

10  Positives  Uses each companies distinctive core competency  Eliminates competition in low margin business  Negatives  Give up some control  Potential for Rejection and/or Failure of New Company Analysis

11  Positive  Proven Business Model  Expansion into new markets  Negative  Reactive Followers  Failure to replicate success  More direct competition drives margins ever lower Analysis

12 Key Success Factor RATING WEIGHT RankTotalRankTotalRankTotalRankTotal Growth Potential 0.31*.341.251.53.9 Strategic Fit0. Follow mission0.252.541.04 4 Financially Feasible 0.2551.253.7541.02*.5 Total1.001.453.55 4.30 3.00 ALTERNATIVES: 12 3 4 Alternatives 1.Stay in current markets (weak and strong) 2.Explore new markets while revamping current market 3.Merger with Mi Pan 4.Replicate Mi Pan business plan Ranking Scale 1: The alternative does not effectively address this criterion. 2: The alternative may contribute to addressing this criterion. 3: The alternative provides an average solutions to this criterion. 4: The alternative provides an above-average solution for this criterion. 5: The alternative effectively addresses this criterion. Analysis

13 Alternative 3 - Merger with Mi Pan (I added this) Recommendation

14 3 months6 months9 months12 months Develop Merger Proposal Negotiations Implement Merger Finalize Agreement for NY Enter NY Market Implementation

15 ActivityDetails Develop Merger Proposal Company Executives Highlight distribution incentives and benefits of merger Negotiations Company Executives Approach Mi Pan with proposal Negotiate Details Implement Merger (Milestone Review) Company Executives Consolidate companies & establish efficient means of conversion Finalize Agreement for NY Finalize distribution agreements from previous plans that were developed through each company Enter NY Market (Milestone Review) Begin distribution Implementation

16 24 months30 months36 months48 months Research Miami Market Finalize Agreement for Miami Enter Miami Market Evaluate Expansion Plan Implementation

17 Long-Term - Implementation ActivityDetails Research Miami Market Management Team Begin research and evaluation of entry Finalize Agreements for Miami (Milestone Review) Company Executives Finalize distribution and location agreements Enter Miami Market Begin distribution Evaluate Expansion Plan Company Executives Evaluate Success of merger & potential for future expansion Implementation

18  Joint venture into New York  Expand into other markets and revamp current market hold RisksProbabilityMitigationContingency Mi Pan resists plan to merge LowOffer employment opportunities to displaced workers Explore alternate sources of funding to replicate Mi Pan business plan Implementation


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