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Concrete Condensed1 Cement Production, Composition & Types.

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1 Concrete Condensed1 Cement Production, Composition & Types

2 Concrete Condensed2 Terminology

3 Concrete Condensed3 Raw Materials in Cement

4 Concrete Condensed4 Production of Cement

5 Concrete Condensed5 Production of Cement

6 Concrete Condensed6 Compounds in Cement

7 Concrete Condensed7 Compound Proportions

8 Concrete Condensed8 Cement Types

9 Concrete Condensed9 Cement Types & Compositions

10 Concrete Condensed10 Composition of Concrete

11 Concrete Condensed11 Strength Concrete

12 Concrete Condensed12 Weight of Concrete

13 Concrete Condensed13 Behavior

14 Concrete Condensed14 Strength Development

15 Concrete Condensed15 Water to Cement Ratio (W/C Ratio)

16 Concrete Condensed16 Paste- Aggregate Bond

17 Concrete Condensed17 Curing

18 Concrete Condensed18 Hydration Hydration is the general term used to describe the chemical reaction that takes place between cement powder and water.

19 Concrete Condensed19 Hydration Process

20 Concrete Condensed20 Hydration of Cement

21 Concrete Condensed21 Hydration Process

22 Concrete Condensed22 Hydration of C 3 S

23 Concrete Condensed23 Crystal formation of Cement

24 Concrete Condensed24 Fresh to Hardened State

25 Concrete Condensed25 Phases

26 Concrete Condensed26 Paste Phase

27 Concrete Condensed27 Paste Phase

28 Concrete Condensed28 Aggregate Phase

29 Concrete Condensed29 Admixtures

30 Concrete Condensed30 Placing Fresh Concrete

31 Concrete Condensed31 Strength Development of Time

32 Concrete Condensed32 Compression Testing Core Sample

33 Concrete Condensed33 Sulfate Attack Monosuloaluminate + Water + Sulfate = Ettringite =

34 Concrete Condensed34 Examples of Sulfate Attack

35 Concrete Condensed35 Advantages of Concrete

36 Concrete Condensed36 Disadvantages of Concrete

37 Concrete Condensed37 Air in Concrete Entrapped & Entrained

38 Concrete Condensed38 Sources of Air

39 Concrete Condensed39 Entrapped Air

40 Concrete Condensed40 Entrained Air

41 Concrete Condensed41 Entrained Air

42 Concrete Condensed42 Purpose for Entrained Air

43 Concrete Condensed43 Entrained Air Examples

44 Concrete Condensed44 Air-Entrained Admixtures

45 Concrete Condensed45 Air Void System

46 Concrete Condensed46 Air Void System

47 Concrete Condensed47 Air Void System

48 Concrete Condensed48 Air Void System

49 Concrete Condensed49 Freeze/Thaw

50 Concrete Condensed50 Influences of Air on Content

51 Concrete Condensed51 Affect on Properties

52 Concrete Condensed52 Aggregates

53 Concrete Condensed53 Various Different Aggregates

54 Concrete Condensed54 Background

55 Concrete Condensed55 Background

56 Concrete Condensed56 Common Aggregates

57 Concrete Condensed57 Important Characteristics of Aggregates

58 Concrete Condensed58 Important Characteristics of Aggregates

59 Concrete Condensed59 Shape and Texture of Aggregates

60 Concrete Condensed60 Shape and Texture

61 Concrete Condensed61 Chemical Soundness

62 Concrete Condensed62 Aggregate Failure

63 Concrete Condensed63 Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

64 Concrete Condensed64 Sieves for Sieve Analysis

65 Concrete Condensed65 Gradation

66 Concrete Condensed66 Uniform Gradation

67 Concrete Condensed67 Continuous Gradation

68 Concrete Condensed68 Paste Requirements

69 Concrete Condensed69 Gap Gradation

70 Concrete Condensed70 Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

71 Concrete Condensed71 Flexure

72 Concrete Condensed72 Flexural Stress Distribution

73 Concrete Condensed73 Initial Cracking

74 Concrete Condensed74 Failure

75 Concrete Condensed75 Reinforced Beam

76 Concrete Condensed76 Flexural Stress Distribution

77 Concrete Condensed77 Initial Cracking

78 Concrete Condensed78 Higher Load Level

79 Concrete Condensed79 Ultimate Load

80 Concrete Condensed80 Steel Reinforcement

81 Concrete Condensed81 Preparing Re-bar

82 Concrete Condensed82 Re-bar Ready for Pouring

83 Concrete Condensed83 Steel- Concrete Bond

84 Concrete Condensed84 Mechanical Bond

85 Concrete Condensed85 Reinforced Concrete

86 Concrete Condensed86 Prestressed

87 Concrete Condensed87 Pre-stressing Re-bar

88 Concrete Condensed88 Re-bar Setup for Pre-stressing

89 Concrete Condensed89 Pre-Stressed Bridge Sections

90 Concrete Condensed90 Pre-Stressed Beam

91 Concrete Condensed91 Prestressed Concrete

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