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The Scientific Method What is it???

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1 The Scientific Method What is it???
A process (a series of steps) that is used to find the answers to questions about the natural world around us. Humans have always been curious and asked questions or tried to solve problems. Why is the sky blue? How do birds fly? What’s the quickest way to walk to school?

2 The Steps of the Scientific Method
A mnemonic device to help you remember the steps (like PEMDAS)

3 The Steps of the Scientific Method
P = Problem/Question to be answered O = Observation/Research H = Hypothesis E = Experiment C = Conclusion S = Sharing

4 Problem Problem or Question to be answered Good Ex. Will fertilizer make plants grow taller? (measurable) Poor Ex. Will fertilizer make plants grow better? (not measurable)

5 Observations/Research
Can use ALL 5 senses *sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste Research what is already known

6 Hypothesis A testable statement sometimes written as “If…then” Ex. If I add fertilizer, then the plant will grow taller Can also be written as a statement Ex. Cold temperatures decrease the number of cricket chirps

7 Experiment Tests the Hypothesis Materials, Procedure, Data Collection
2 Groups Experimental Group-receives special treatment Control Group-receives no special treatment Used as a COMPARISON! The more trials the better!! Needs to be reproducible!!!

8 Or what changes during experiments….
What are variables? Or what changes during experiments….

9 Independent Variables
What is tested by the scientist What is changed by the scientist Also known as manipulated variables.

10 Dependent Variable What is observed What is measured
The effect caused by the independent variable. “Depends on the independent variable” The data Also called responding variables

11 Controlled Variables Things that could change but don’t
Kept constant (the same) by scientists These allow for a fair test.

12 Conclusion Based on the data, either your hypothesis is supported or rejected “The data supports my hypothesis” or “The data does not support my hypothesis”

13 Share Results Communicate results Scientific journal- Peer reviewed Symposium – present research findings

14 Remember POHECS! P Problem

15 O Observation/Research
Remember POHECS! O Observation/Research

16 Remember POHECS! H Hypothesis

17 Remember POHECS! C Conclusion

18 Remember POHECS! S Sharing!

19 The End!

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