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Fashion B: Standard 10 Elements of Design

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1 Fashion B: Standard 10 Elements of Design
Created by: Kris Caldwell Timpanogos High School

2 Elements of Design Elements are the building blocks of design.
Color: Most exciting element of design Shape: Overall outline of a garment, it is the form or silhouette. Line: Distinct, elongated mark as if drawn by a pencil or pen. Texture: The surface quality of goods.

3 Elements of Design SHAPE: Form or silhouette of a garment
Shape or outline seen from a distance Can reveal or hide a natural body contour Try to flatter good features and hide less attractive features Full, wide shapes make you look bigger Trim, compact silhouettes make you look smaller Straight, tubular shapes make you look taller Form fitting clothes reveal any unattractive contours, should only been worn by figures that are near-perfect

4 Elements of Design LINE: Have direction, width, length
Eyes follow lines Lines suggest movement, leading eyes up, down, side-to-side, around Outline outer and inner spaces of garments Categories of lines: Type Direction Application

5 Elements of Design Line Types: Straight: bold, severe
Show dignity, power, formality, steadiness, stability Curved: rounded, circular Less conservative, formal and powerful Give soft, youthful, gentle, charming, graceful feeling Make things look larger than they are Circles are closed lines and stop the eye entirely Flattened curves are most flattering to the human shape Jagged: change direction abruptly (ex: zigzags) Create a jumpy, confused feeling Use sparingly, they are very noticeable Wear them if you are self-confident

6 LINE DIRECTION: Vertical: Goes up and down
Feeling of dignity, strength, poise, sophistication Leads eye up and down, makes wearer look taller and thinner

7 LINE DIRECTION: Diagonal: slanted
Degree of slant determines the visual effect Draws attention to where they are used

8 LINE DIRECTION: Horizontal: side to side
Feeling of restfulness and gentleness Leads eye across the body, makes wearer seem shorter and wider Use where you want to look wider

9 Elements of Design TEXTURE:
Surface quality of garments (how it looks and feels) Roughness, smoothness, dullness, glossiness, stiffness, softness Bulky fabrics Add visual size (make you look bigger) Can disguise a flaw Can overpower a small person Smooth, flat textures Make you look smaller Shiny textures Make you look bigger, as they reflect light Dull Textures Make you look smaller, as the absorb light

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